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Take a moment to think about the many tweezers you’ve gone through. You buy a tweezer only to find that three months later down the line it just doesn’t work the same. You ‘sigh’ at the thought of having to get in your car, drive to the nearest drugstore and fork out another $5 for your low-quality tweezers so you can tweeze your unruly eyebrows.

Wouldn’t you be satisfied with just one good quality tweezer that will last you a lifetime? It might seem like an insignificant topic, but think about how busy you are and what an extra nuisance that would be. Quality is king and when you experience it, you appreciate it and are willing to pay a little more to avoid the frustrations of low-quality products.

Now imagine you’ve gone through your 5th tweezer at $5 a piece. That’s $25 that could have been used to purchase a high-quality tweezer that would last you much longer. You can stop slapping your forehead now. It’s quite ok. We all go through it and when it’s time to do it the right way, you are ready to not make those same mistakes…at least with tweezers.

Well, if you are in that ‘place’ and are looking for the tweezer that’s going to give you better hair removal, this is where Seki Edge comes in. Seki Edge has a wide variety of tweezers based on your needs.

Choose from slant tip tweezers, point tip tweezers and rounded tweezers, each serving different purposes. But they all share several things in common. They are all made inSeki Edge Smart Tweeze SS-515 Japan using high quality Japanese stainless steel and they are perfectly aligned for easy tweezing.

Drug store tweezers are made of cheap metal, nor are they filed and perfectly aligned. They are often made in mass quantities, bypassing any sense of personal tuning. This is why they are cheap. But Seki Edge tweezers are hand filed and perfectly aligned to easily grab hairs. Whether it’s eyebrow hair, chin hairs, facial hair, fine hairs or thick hairs, there’s a tweezer that meets your tweezing needs.

Starting with slant tip tweezers, Seki Edge has a variety of choices. Slanted tips are the most common type of tweezer. For example, the Smart Tweeze tweezer has a sleek design and revolutionary functionality to enable a tighter grip on hairs, removing unwanted hair with ease through its ‘spring’ technology.

How does this technology work you ask? Green Bell, Seki Edge’s world-renowned manufacturer in Japan, developed this innovation. The slim pieces of metal attach to thicker pieces of metal towards the tip allowing the user to place the strength towards the tip for lasting grip. This combination also prevents bowing of the tip. You will notice it is lightweight yet gentle and powerful in it’s tweezing capability.

With traditional tweezers, the user ends up squeezing the tips with extra pressure. Over time this extra pressure creates bowing of the tips. When tweezers bow over time, they bend outwards at the tip leaving very little gripping power. Annoyed by its loss of function, it can leave the user feeling like they just made a terrible investment.

Seki Edge has corrected this problem with the Smart Tweeze technology. The Smart Tweeze also has an insert to ensure aligned slanted tips. You’ll just have to click here to see what this looks like.

Seki Edge Point Tip TweezersMany people often think that tweezers need sharpening and the reason why their tweezers stopped working over time is that they become dull. The real problem is that the pressure placed on the tweezers makes the tips bow out over time. When this happens they can no longer grip hairs that easily because the tips are no longer closing evenly and firmly. That’s why the Smart Tweeze was developed.

Seki Edge pointed tweezers have more specialized functionality. With sharp pointed tips, they are best used for removing splinters, ingrown hairs and other tweezing that requires precision and accuracy.

These precision tweezers have precision pointed tips that can reach the smallest and finest hairs. While they are not generally used for everyday use, they do have a special function and purpose in unique case situations. These stainless steel tweezers are durable and long lasting.

There are only two point tip tweezer styles in the Seki Edge line. It’s one classic style that comes in either stainless steel or matte black. In any case, these tweezers look sleek and sophisticated.

Seki Edge EZ View Tweezers

The last type of tweezers in the Seki Edge line are rounded tweezers. These tweezers have rounded tips for safety. Diabetics can find relief in using a rounded tip tweezer as itwon’t poke them or easily cause bleeding. They are also great for using on children or sensitive areas. Closing easily and firmly, they can be used for normal tweezing as well but some prefer the slanted tips for greater tweezing surface area.


In the round tip tweezer category are some unique tweezers. The Scissors Tweezer has scissor-like action to pluck hairs while the EZ View Tweezer has a 3x magnification glass attached to it to more easily see what you’re tweezing. You can check those out here.

The point is, if you enjoy buying tweezer after tweezer and the frustrations of low-quality tweezers, by all means, continue to do the same and expect the same. But if you appreciate quality and the satisfaction, check out Seki Edge tweezers. You won’t regret their uncanny ability to pluck those unwanted hairs with ease leaving a clean, fresh, groomed look.


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