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Jatai About Us - 70th Anniversary Jatai About Us - 70th Anniversary


JATAI’s mission is to provide innovative and professional quality beauty implements with world-class customer service and educational support. To offer great products as a master distributor, we seek out and select only manufacturers who demonstrate superior workmanship, the most advanced technology, and respected business core values of reliability, honesty and integrity. Accordingly, JATAI represents three major ‘workhorse’ brands that dominate within their categories. Feather, Seki Edge and Fuji Paper.

JATAI is proud to represent brands of lasting value that make a significant difference for beauty professionals – and serve to enhance their skills and artistic capabilities. Time and market tested, JATAI has kept its culture of caring and commitment to quality for all of its consumers. However, no brand or product has lasting value unless it backed with education and strong, ongoing support. JATAI Academy brings beauty tools to creative life with a state-of-the-art online library of ‘go to’ how- to videos.

Through the artist’s eyes, we understand that each valued client is your proudest performance. That is exactly why JATAI strives to give you the edge that helps you do incredible work every time! Since 1950, our commitment has been to make our products and services the gold standard of your industry – our industry. We know that we must not only live up to your expectations, we must exceed them so you can always deliver your professional best. one beautiful client at a time!

History of JATAI

History of Jatai International- Fred Wada
Tokyo Olympics 1964

Jatai International was established in California in 1950 as the first liaison office to promote commerce between Japan and the United States following World War II.  Its mission was to help bridge the gap between America and Japan following the war years.

The founder of the company, Mr. Fred Wada was a major influence in bringing the Japanese swimming team to participate in the U.S. national championships.  His work in this arena eventually led to his being named to the Tokyo Olympic Committee in the years leading up to 1964.

Mr. Wada worked tirelessly around the world influencing countries to support bringing the Olympics to Tokyo for the 1964 summer games. When Tokyo was ultimately selected as the next Olympic destination for the games, it was this landmark decision and event that changed Japan forever … from a post-wartime economy, into its current economic leadership position in the world today.

After the company’s early work was concluded, Jatai was headed up by Mr. Kay Obayashi whose expertise in foreign commerce steered the company into the import business, and within a few years, was importing hair cutting razors and blades from Shishido cosmetics under the SORI brand.  Thus, began Jatai’s long and respected history in the beauty and barber industry.

Within a few years, Jatai changed its manufacturer to Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan.  It was a critical decision, and began the relationship that exists today as the exclusive distributor of Feather’s beauty and barber products in North America.

The company’s first product was Feather’s Switch-Blade Shear with Replaceable Blades, and at its introduction it was one of the most expensive shears on the market.  Thirty-five years later, this high-quality shear is still the most innovative and economical shear.

Feather JATAI History of Switch Blade Shears
Feather JATAI Relationship History

In 1991, Jatai and Feather together developed a revolutionary razor, the Feather Styling Razor with a patented blade guard.  This new razor concept was introduced when razors had fallen out of favor and few were used in the salon. However, the advent of this unique razor, and the education that went with it, changed hair styling forever; expanding a stylist’s creative universe offering capabilities that shears could not.

During this period, Jatai became the exclusive distributor for Ikemoto Brush Co. which produced the DuBoa hair brush, Green Bell, producer of the Seki Edge brand of personal care items, and Lucky Trendy Grip Clips.

Jatai has always been a company in a leadership role, with leadership products. Its mission has been to provide beauty professionals with the finest tools, implements, and education to keep its customers on “the cutting edge” of razor and scissors technology.  All of Jatai’s products bring ‘lasting value’ and enhance stylists’ artistic capabilities.

Brands Jatai Represents

Jatai logo - orange, horizontal


Not only does JATAI distribute great brands, they also create their own products. Carefully selected and nurtured, these products complement our current offering. They also help make life easier and just a little more enjoyable. We’re here to help you Get the Look!

Jatai Scissors by BMAC logo - About


JATAI and BMAC have partnered to create an exquisite line of scissors. Two powerhouses in the beauty industry, the scissors are 100% hand-crafted in Japan from start to finish. Made with high grade stainless steel, they are created with care and attention to detail. These high-performance scissors keep their sharp cutting edge over time and offer long lasting durability. Honor your craft and bring out your special talent and creativity!

Jatai Heat Shield logo


How many times have you burned yourself touching the hot appliances you style with? It’s time to welcome Heat Shield into your essential styling toolbox to prevent painful burn injuries. Wearing Heat Shield allows greater control over curling irons, styling wands, flat irons and blow dryers by enabling you to actually touch the hot end of the appliance during styling and finishing.

Jatai Blade Glide Plus logo


Stylists and barbers help their razors and shears glide like butter through the hair and on the skin with Blade Glide. This popular silky-smooth lotion is a must-have for making cutting and shaving so much easier and more efficient.

Jatai Teasing Pin Comb Pro logo


Your hair is an extension of yourself. Whether it’s having a fun night on the town, partying it up at a concert or attending a classy event, bring out the best in your hair. For all of life’s occasions, the JATAI Teasing Pin comb takes your hair to the next level! With one comb, comes volumes of possibilities! The JATAI Teasing Pin Comb is perfect for teasing, backcombing and detangling.

Jatai Healthy Luxury Logo


The JATAI healthy luxury is a skincare collection tailored to men. Inspired by traditional barbering, the JATAI professional men’s grooming products contain advanced formulas for healthier skin. Working with barbers, we’ve discovered that traditional barbering shaves include great skin care regimens. JATAI has formulated the perfect skincare products for achieving the perfect shave or groomed facial hair.

About Us Jatai Page - Feather


JATAI is proud to represent the Feather Safety Razor Co., a world-class manufacturer of high-quality patented razor blades and handles. Established in 1932, Feather has become the dominant force in the production of consumer double edge shaving razors and blades, professional hairstylists/barber shears, razors and blades, and medical surgical scalpels, blades and tools. Having developed a reputation for being the sharpest blades around, Feather products are considered superior among consumers and professionals alike, continuing to surpass the quality and workmanship of their competitors.

Their humble beginnings started in Seki, Japan, a well-known area for samurai sword making and abundant natural resources perfect for making the finest cutlery. Over 80 years, Feather has combined modern manufacturing technology with samurai sword artisanship heritage to quickly become the leader in Japanese razor manufacturing. As the premier manufacturer since before World War II, Feather’s razor blades are respected as the best in every category in which they are sold.

Fuji Paper End Papers logo


Nothing compares to the strength and gentle nature of Fuji Paper end papers for creating today’s hair fashion waves, natural looking body, soft texture and bounce. Manufactured in Japan and distributed by JATAI International, Fuji Paper offers stylists 400% MORE saturation than any other end paper made in the U.S. The patented paper strength and absorbency allow even flow through penetration for hassle-free balanced results. Experience the ultimate end papers that are as gentle to the hair as the solutions used to create them. Eliminating harmful chemicals from the paper production process reduces stress and damage to the hair for long-lasting curl and healthy texture.

Using superior manufacturing materials and processing techniques, Fuji Paper has become the preferred choice for end papers and as a color processing barrier among hair professionals. Envision Fuji Paper in a time-honored setting and source in Kochi, Japan, a place with a long-standing history and proud culture of paper manufacturing. Imagine a time when even emperors used the paper of Kochi, handing down generations of fine paper production in the most ideal of conditions … including the cleanest, clearest water. In the area is the Niyodo River, often referred to as ‘Niyodo Blue’, honored with the highest quality water in Japan. Fuji Paper production consists of a flow of steps that includes this water, each step serving an important purpose. There are no bleaching or harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

About Us Jatai Page - Seki Edge


Seki Edge is a line of highly refined and ergonomically designed personal care grooming products produced by Green Bell LTD, in Japan. From nail clippers, tweezers and eyelash curlers to men’s grooming kits, this high value cutting edge collection of world-class implements is made by the finest craftsmen in Japan.

The story behind Seki Edge dates back to the 13th century in Seki City, a small city in the central mountains of Japan. Due to its rich natural resources, abundant materials, blade soil, and good quality water, a master swordsmith named Motoshige chose Seki as the ideal place to produce samurai swords for the region. Today, Seki is world-famous for manufacturing the finest cutlery, knives, razors and grooming tools. The Seki Edge collection from Green Bell has long since evolved, merging modern technology with traditional hand craftsmanship capabilities to produce the pivotal point of difference compared to other brands in the beauty grooming marketplace.

Seki Edge products are largely a result of focusing on the experience one feels using them. Just ask the nail beauty pros, beauty media influencers and at-home users who have sworn by Seki Edge grooming implements for years. They’ll tell you how much they love how easily these implements cut, shape, smooth and curl … how they feel and fit in your hand … and how fabulous the results are for beautifully groomed nails, brows, lashes and skin.

JATAI continues to look toward the future to provide North American consumers with the opportunity to experience the Seki Edge side of beauty.

Lucky logo


If you’re a stylist, don’t even think about life without Lucky Grip Clips! They are definitely among your everyday essentials as you constantly grip while you clip with this must-have styling aid made just for you. Grip Clips really hold onto even the thickest chunks of hair, unlike so many others you buy and then throw away. Think of this as a strong ‘jaw claw’ you really can’t do without. To provide that strong grip, Grip Clips use a large gage spring wire which loops the upper and bottom jaw to provide even and consistent pressure for a sure grip. Finally, the upper jaws have teeth that grab and grip to hold the hair in place.

Lucky Grip Clips are made of a strong plastic resin that holds its shape and won’t ‘bow’ when holding thick hair. Grip Clips come in a black, red, and pink glossy enamel finish and are available in sets of 6 clips.

Du-Boa logo


Stylists and barbers highly value their set of Du-Boa professional styling brushes in their brush and comb collections. The Du-Boa brush is a solid, durable brush that lasts a lifetime, despite the wear and tear of daily abuse especially with long or thick hair. Subjecting brushes to blow dryers and products takes its toll on your regular brushes … enter your new best friend.

The highest quality Du-Boa Brush has seamless bristles to avoid snagging or cutting the hair. It features a rubber cushion base which provides flexibility to bristles as it brushes through the hair for a comfortable feel. Bristle tops won’t fall off while brushing and rubber handle provides great grip and comfort. Eco-friendly and ergo-compatible, the Du-Boa Brush is balanced from end to end to make repeated styling and brushing the most comfortable experience for you and your client.