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Diabetic Friendly Tools

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DIABETIC FRIENDLY TOOLS: Diabetics can appreciate beauty tools that keep safety in mind. As a diabetic it’s important to prevent any poking to the skin that could cause an open wound. Our high quality diabetic friendly tools are safe and easy to use. For example, the Seki Edge Round Tip Tweezers has round tips to prevent poking. The Seki Edge Flat Slant Cuticle Nippers have flat edges with no sharp tips and the Rounded Nail File has no sharp edges. These tools were thoughtfully made with safety in mind.

  • Jatai Heat ShieldSale!

    JATAI Heat Shield

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  • Jatai Heat Shield and Snip Shield ComboSale!

    JATAI Heat Shield & Snip Shield Combo Pack

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  • Snip Shield - finger protectionSale!

    JATAI Snip Shield

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  • Seki Edge Round Tip Tweeze (SS-516)Sale!

    Seki Edge Safe Round Tip Tweeze (SS-516)

    $20.00 $15.00
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  • Seki Edge Scissors Tweezer (SS-503)Sale!

    Seki Edge Scissors Tweezer (SS-503)

    $15.00 $11.25
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  • Seki Edge Flat Slant Tip Cuticle Nipper (SS-301)Sale!

    Seki Edge Flat Slant Cuticle Nipper (SS-301)

    $21.00 $15.75
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  • Seki Edge Large Rounded Nail File (SS-405)Sale!

    Seki Edge Rounded Nail File (SS-405)

    $11.00 $8.25
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  • Seki Edge Callus Reducer (SS-800)Sale!

    Seki Edge Callus Reducer (SS-800)

    $17.00 $12.75
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