Seki Edge In-Grown Toenail Nipper (SS-203)

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In-Grown Nail Tools

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IN-GROWN NAIL TOOLS: Ingrown nails are a problem for many people. And they can be downright painful! Luckily, there are some ways to help prevent ingrown nails. The more preventative measures you can take, the less the nail should grow into the skin reducing any pain. Seki Edge in-grown nail tools are made of high quality Japanese stainless steel for durability and strength to cut through nails with clean cuts. Whether it’s for fingernails or toenails, the main recommendation is to cut nails straight across and to not cut the corners of the nail. These tools help you cut straight edges, preventing the nail from growing into the skin.

  • Seki Edge In-Grown Toenail Nipper (SS-203)

    Seki Edge In-Grown Toenail Nipper (SS-203)

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