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Shaving Razor Kits

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JATAI SHAVING RAZOR KITS are great for people who want to take their shaving to the next level. For the best shave, you’ll want to start with Feather. From a safety razor shaving kit to a straight razor shaving kit, we have a small selection for those just starting out. Why choose us? First and foremost, Feather razor blades have a reputation of being the sharpest in the industry and Feather razors are known to be high quality tools. Whether you’re looking for the best safety razor for beginners or looking to do a little straight razor shaving, Jatai has something for every level. The Feather Nape & Body straight razor kit is not meant for full face straight razor shaving. It is specifically designed for shaving the nape and small areas of the body. It’s mostly used by hairstylists but anyone who wants to tidy up these areas can use this straight edge razor without hurting themselves. This is because the straight razor blades have a built-in guard, protecting you and the client from getting cut. Check out these shaving razor kits.

  • Feather Nape and Body Razor Kit

    Feather Nape & Body Razor Kit

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  • Feather Double Edge Razor Bonus Pack

    Feather Double Edge Razor Bonus Pack

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  • Luxury Shaving Set

    Feather Luxury Shaving Set

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