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Feather About Us - Feather Factory


JATAI is proud to represent the Feather Safety Razor Co., a world-class manufacturer of high-quality patented razor blades and handles. Established in 1932, Feather has become the dominant force in the production of consumer double edge shaving razors and blades, professional hairstylists/barber shears, razors and blades, and medical surgical scalpels, blades and tools. Having developed a reputation for being the sharpest blades around, Feather products are considered superior among consumers and professionals alike, continuing to surpass the quality and workmanship of their competitors.

Their humble beginnings started in Seki, Japan, a well-known area for samurai sword making and abundant natural resources perfect for making the finest cutlery. Over 80 years, Feather has combined modern manufacturing technology with samurai sword artisanship heritage to quickly become the leader in Japanese razor manufacturing. As the premier manufacturer since before World War II, Feather’s razor blades are respected as the best in every category in which they are sold.

Why choose Feather?

  • Stylists’ #1 preferred choice for razor cutting
  • World’s sharpest blades designed with safety in mind
  • Surgical grade Japanese beauty and barber tools
  • Engineered to perfection, undisputed performance

Video Testimonials

Sometimes you need third party validation when buying a product. It’s totally understandable when making a purchase. Here are some real life video testimonials from actual users about what they think about Feather products, what products they use, the benefits they’ve received from the products and how Feather has enhanced not only their lifestyle but also their family and friend’s lives.

Disclaimer: The people in these videos were in no way paid or incentivized to give these testimonials. These are their true thoughts about Feather products.

Meticulous Quality Control

Quality control is not just about using advanced technology. It’s also about that personal human touch with attention to detail that make Feather products the best in the industry. When it comes to quality control, it’s strict. Feather blades are subjected to a number of tests to assure coating, sharpness and durability are within manufacturer tolerances. With the naked eye, craftsman inspect the reflection of the blade edges to ensure proper grinding and honing. And under the microscope, craftsman get deeper readings, making sure they don’t leave any leaf unturned. It’s this kind of quality control that enables the consistency in sharpness and performance with each and every blade you use.

Feather Styling Razor: First of its Kind

The Feather Styling Razor was a game changer. When JATAI and Feather teamed up to create an innovative haircutting razor that used guarded replaceable blades, it opened the opportunity for stylists to razor cut without the fear of getting cut. Safety was an important factor in the design of the razor and with guarded blades you couldn’t cut yourself or your client. With a blade tray and disposal case you could insert and dispose blades without touching them. Since 1992, the Feather Styling Razor has changed the way stylists cut hair forever, allowing for unique and fun styles that can only be achieved by a razor.