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Lash Combs

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LASH COMBS: Got clumpy mascara? It’s never a good look but when you can brush eyelashes with a lash comb it can remove those clumps easily and effectively. Seki Edge eyelash combs make sure mascara is spread out evenly over lashes for a sleek, clean and natural look. And with high quality Japanese stainless steel pins, you can be sure it will last a long time. If you use mascara an eyelash comb is an essential beauty tool to create a polished, finished look.

  • Seki Edge Folding Lash Pin Comb (SS-603)

    Seki Edge Folding Lash Pin Comb (SS-603)

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  • Sale! Seki Edge EZ Lash Comb (SE-52)Sale!

    Seki Edge EZ Lash Comb (SE-52)

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