Feather Styling Razor Standard Blades

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Haircutting Razor Blades

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Our HAIRCUTTING RAZOR BLADES are to be used in Feather Styling Razors or the Feather Plier Razor only. They are single edge razor blades used to cut hair and are primarily used by hairstylists. Feather Styling Razor blades and Feather Plier Razor blades are made of stainless steel. And while the Styling Razor blades have a guard, the Plier Razor blades do not. Often referred to as a hair shaper, a hairdresser razor cuts with added texture, volume and reduces weight. Having a sharp stainless steel blade makes a big difference in the end results and the client’s hair for days, weeks and months after the haircut. Sharp edge razor blades leave clean cuts, reducing split ends and allowing hair to lay nicely.