Seki Edge Callus Reducer (SS-800)

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Callus Tools

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CALLUS TOOLS: Callused feet not only look bad, they can feel bad too. Dead skin that has harded is difficult to remove without the appropriate callus tools. If you have one you’ll first need to figure out how bad it is. This will determine what tool you will need. For mild calluses of the hands and feet, the Seki Edge Callus Reducer is your best bet. For very hard calluses, the Callus Remover is the best choice. As you remove and reduce calluses the skin underneath should be soft and smooth allowing you to feel more confident in showing your feet and even physically feel better. Your smooth hands and feet will thank you!

  • Seki Edge Callus Reducer (SS-800)

    Seki Edge Callus Reducer (SS-800)

    $17.00 $12.75
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  • Seki Edge Callus Remover (SS-805)

    Seki Edge Callus Remover (SS-805)

    $13.00 $9.75
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