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Single Edge Straight Razor Blades

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SINGLE EDGE STRAIGHT RAZOR BLADES: Straight razors will give the closest shave, bar none. And if you’re a barber, the straight razor shave is the ultimate testament to your craft.. For any straight razor, it’s important that the blade be very sharp because it’s relying on the single blade to cut the hair. A sharp blade also helps to reduce razor burns and razor bumps. Feather Artist Club Razor blades are made of stainless steel and vary based on exposure and whether it has a built-in guard or not. They are single edge razor blades that fit in any Feather Artist Club Razor handle. The other single edge razor is the Nape & Body Razor. However, this razor is not your classic straight razor. This razor is specifically meant for shaving small, tight areas such as the nape, sideburns and other areas of the body and is one of the only shaving razors that can be used by hairstylists. The Nape & Body blade is small with a built-in guard.