Seki Edge Safe Round Tip Tweeze (SS-516)

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Round Tip Tweezers

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There are different hair removal methods, but when safety is an issue, round tip tweezers are a great choice. Most tweezers have a sharp tip or point to them. But these tweezers are unique in that they have rounded tips to prevent poking. Whether it’s plucking hair or removing ingrown hairs you won’t have to worry about these tweezers hurting you in the process. For example, sensitive areas such as the nose or ears will benefit from a rounded tip. And while they are not truly precision tweezers, they can definitely still aid in hair removal on a precise level.

  • Seki Edge Round Tip Tweeze (SS-516)

    Seki Edge Safe Round Tip Tweeze (SS-516)

    $20.00 $15.00
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  • Seki Edge Scissors Tweezer (SS-503)

    Seki Edge Scissors Tweezer (SS-503)

    $15.00 $11.25
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  • Seki Edge EZ View Tweezer (SS-508)

    Seki Edge EZ View Tweezer (SS-508)

    $11.00 $8.25
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