Seki Edge EZ View Tweezer (SS-508)

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  • Attached magnifying glass allows for better focus and precision when tweezing
  • Great for those who are visually impaired or need to take safety precautions
  • Excellent for tweezing hairs all over the body
  • Compact folding nature alows for easy storage
  • Made in Japan
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Product Description

Product Description

TWEEZING UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! Like the EZ View Clipper (SS-105), The EZ View Tweezer is equipped with a large 3x acrylic magnifying lens to provide an easy, close-up view of what you are tweezing. It’s the perfect safety tweezer for the visually-impaired that anyone of any age can use! Trying to get that hard to see hair or splinter? Have a difficult time with your vision for seeing small objects up close? Can’t hold a magnifying glass AND a tweezer at the same time? Not any more. This tweezer makes life just a little more comfortable than before. Made in Japan. To learn more about Seki Edge tweezers, click here.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 7 × 2.25 × 0.75 in

Seki Edge


Green Bell

Country of Origin



4 972525 700962

Product Weight

0.8 oz

Product Length

110 mm

Opening Width

2 mm

Lens Frame & Handle Material

ABS resin

Body Material

Stainless steel

Lens Material

Acrylic plastic