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Slant or Round

Whether you’re tweezing hair, removing a splinter or needing safety, Seki Edge has a tweezer to do the job. Choose from slanted tips or rounded tips which have their own benefits and best uses. Slant tips are the best all-purpose tweezer but round tips are great for safety.

Made in Japan

All Seki Edge tweezers are made in Japan and made of Japanese steel. This means high quality, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each tweezer is handled by individual craftsman to ensure quality.  We believe the care put into each tweezer shows and hope this leads to great user experience.

Samurai Sword Techniques & Modern Technology

Each Seki Edge tweezers is honed and ground with proprietary techniques, ensuring each tweezers is given undivided attention. Using centuries old samurai sword making techniques paired with modern technology, Seki Edge tweezers have long lasting durability.

Unique Features

Several Seki Edge tweezers have innovative features. Take the EZ View Tweezer for example. It features a magnifying glass so you can more easily see what you’re tweezing. Or check out the Scissors Tweezer which has scissor-like action to more easily apply pressure and grab hairs.

Seki Edge Slant Tip Tweezers

Slant tip tweezers are a classic style that offers the most versatility. Tweeze eyebrow hairs, body hair, remove splinters and pick up tiny objects. The slanted tips offer a wider tip for easy gripping and a pointed tip for more precise tweezing. Seki Edge Slant Tip Tweezers are made in Japan with high quality Japanese stainless steel.

Seki Edge Mini Smart Tweeze (SS-517)

Travel size stainless steel slant tip tweezer

Seki Edge Amazing Tweezer (SS-518)

Patented technology that allows for perfectly aligned tips and long lasting tweezers


Seki Edge Mini Smart Tweeze (SS-517)

  • Slant tips allow for easy shaping of the eyebrows
  • Spring technology transfers strength from the hands to tweezer tips to prevent hand fatigue
  • Thick metal tips will not weaken with repeated tweezing, resulting in long lasting tweezers
  • Tips are designed to come together flat to prevent bulging
  • 2-7/8″ long (74mm)
  • Available in pink only
  • Comes with a safety cap for easy, safe transport
  • Disinfectant safe
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $18

Seki Edge Round Tip Tweezers

If you need to play it safe, Seki Edge Round Tip Tweezers are for you. Rounded tips give extra safety as they won’t poke you like slant or point tip tweezers can. Great for diabetics, children and others who need to keep safety in mind.

Seki Edge Safe Round Tip Tweeze (SS-516)

Round tips for safe tweezing. Great for sensitive areas such as the ears and nose

Seki Edge EZ View Tweezer (SS-508)

Great for those who are visually impaired or need to see what they are tweezing close up

Seki Edge Scissors Tweezer (SS-503)

Scissor action makes it easier to apply pressure for a stronger grip


Seki Edge Scissor Tweezer


  • Scissor action makes it easier to apply pressure for a stronger grip
  • Round tips are safe and gentle to the skin
  • Hand-finished tips and drop-forged stainless steel
  • Compact for travel
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $15



Precision scissor style tweezers. I am delighted with the scissor tweezers (SS-503) I received a few days ago. They are easy to hold, and grip even the smallest hairs very well.



These tweezers are great. Actually all of the Seki Edge products are of great quality and design. Even the packaging is well thought out.


Which Tweezer is Best for Me?

Seki Edge Mini Smart Tweeze Seki Edge Amazing TweezerSeki Edge Safe Rounded Tip Tweeze Seki Edge EZ View TweezerSeki Edge Scissors Tweezer
Tip TypeSlantSlantRoundRoundRound
Length74 mm93 mm95 mm110 mm100 mm
Weight0.2 oz0.6 oz0.4 oz0.8 oz0.3 oz
MaterialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel & ABS resinStainless steel & ABS resin
BrandSeki EdgeSeki EdgeSeki EdgeSeki EdgeSeki Edge
ManufacturerGreen BellGreen BellGreen BellGreen BellGreen Bell
Country of OriginJapanJapanJapanJapanJapan
Protective CapYesNoNoBottom tray when foldedNo


Seki Stainless Slant-tips are simply the best tweezers on the market. After several unsatisfying experiences with other top brands, I thankfully found the Seki website. The precision design of this product makes it perfect for removing everything from the most stubborn splinter to the finest facial hair — and with no damage to the skin. This tool is essential and I now own three pair — one for home, purse and travel. Thanks for a terrific product, Seki!