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Cartridge Razor Blades

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CARTRIDGE RAZOR BLADES: Feather cartridge razors are the best option if you want to shave quickly but still looking to get a great shave. Feather cartridge razor blades offer a close shave without the need to be extra careful when shaving. They are sharp but designed in a way to provide a comfortable shave, reducing razor bumps and razor burn. Feather cartridge razor blades are engineered with innovative technology with roots in samurai sword making. If you’re looking for a high quality shave that saves time, then the cartridge razor is the best choice for you.

  • Feather F3 Cartridge Shaving Razor Blade

    Feather F3 Blades (4pk or 8pk)

    $8.95 – $15.95
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  • Feather F2 Neo Cartridge Blade

    Feather F2 Neo Blades (10pk)

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  • Feather MR3 Cartridge Blade

    Feather MR3 Neo Blades (9pk)

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