What You Should Know About Using a Double Edge Razor

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As a man, getting the perfect shave seems so cliché. But cliché as it may sound, getting a great shave has always been an important result for a man’s grooming routine. It is important to note that getting a great close shave requires a few things: using the right razor, using the right blade and having good technique.

For the at home shaver, most men use cartridge razors, electric razors or a foil shaver because they are easy to use without cutting themselves. Men who want a quick shave resort to these kinds of razors. However, the shave is generally not as close as it could be.

If you want a much closer shave and have a little more time to dedicate to shaving, it’s best to use a double edge razor. Or if you’re more adventurous, a straight razor is the best shave you can get.

If you’re not ready for a straight razor, a double edge or safety razor would be the next level up. There are several convincing reasons why using a double edge razor can be more beneficial. Are you ready to become a wet shaver?

Why You Should Switch to Double Edge Razors: 

1)   You get a better value for your shaver. Double edge blades are very inexpensive and you also have two sides of the blade to shave with which means twice the shaving capacity per blade. Because double edge blades are only composed of a thin sheet of metal, they are easy to produce and package.

Each blade is easily under $1 each. However, cartridge blades contain several blades and have a plastic housing that results in a higher cost. Often replacement cartridge blades are well over $2 each and can run as high as $5 per cartridge!

Feather Double Edge Razor Blade2)   You can often get more shaves out of a double edged blade. This is because double edge blades are sharper than cartridge blades. Since cartridge blades often contain anywhere from 2 to 7 blades in a cartridge, the blades don’t have to be as sharp because if one of the blades doesn’t cut the hair, the second, third or fourth blade will cut it.

On the other hand, a single edge blade will be expected to cut off most hair in a single pass. Of course, the number of shaves you can get out of any blade also depends on the quality of the blade itself.

Not all double edge blades or cartridge blades are made the same. For example, Feather Double Edge Blades have a reputation of having some of the sharpest blades around so you can generally get more shaves out of them than other brands.

3)   You’ll likely get less irritation. When you are shaving with a double edge blade, you’re shaving with a single blade. When multiple blades pass the skin multiple times, this creates irritation.

Think about it. If 5 blades pass the skin 3 times, this is 15 blades going over the skin. On the other hand, if 1 blade passes the skin 3 times, this is 3 blades going over the skin. Less irritation means less redness, razor burn, razor bumps and better for sensitive skin.

4)   Cartridge blades often get clogged. When there are many blades close together, the hairs get stuck between the blades. Even after rinsing, sometimes the hair just doesn’t pass through.

With a single safety razor blade, hair can pass right through after a rinse. Clogged hairs between blades is a big nuisance and can also affect your shaving quality.

5)   Safety razor blades are better for the environment. Since they are single sheets of metal they can decompose. Meanwhile, cartridge blades have plastic around them and plastic does not degrade easily. They sit in the landfills and end up in our oceans.

If the environment means anything to you, this could be a very good reason to switch.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s take a look at some other key differences…

Double Edge Razor and BladeThere is a difference in how cartridge razors are used versus double edge razors. Cartridge razors are designed to remove as much hair as possible at one time and a double edge razor works by gradually reducing hair with each pass.

Another thing to note is that double edge razors have a higher learning curve than cartridge razors. You’ll definitely need some practice as there is a much greater risk of cutting yourself. However, once you get the hang of it, the results are worth it.

When using a double edge razor be sure to replace the blade when they start to get dull to prevent any nicking or cutting. The number of times you might use a double edge razor blade depends on the quality of the blade and the technique. It may also help to designate a specific day of the week to change the blade.

While double edge razors can help with skin irritation, there are other ways you can reduce these issues by simply taking care of your skin. If you are tired of razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and bumps, it’s important that you pay extra attention to the quality of your skin.

Sensitive skin can be more prone to razor burn so exfoliate and remove dead skin cells before you shave so you can achieve a clean shave every time.  This also helps to prevent ingrown hairs as exfoliating removes hardened proteins that block the hair follicle.

How to shave with a double edge razor:

1)   To begin, prep the area you want to shave by wetting it with warm water. When it’s wet, this allows the hair to soften and swell making it easier to shave. A good time when this occurs is after a shower.

Once the area is wet, apply shaving cream or use a shaving brush. Lather your face using a swirl motion to distribute the cream evenly.

2)   When shaving, shave in the direction of hair growth. Do not shave against the grain, especially on your first pass. Hair grows in various directions on different parts of the face and neck so pay attention to how your hair grows.

With thicker hair, shorter strokes should be used. With more fine hair, strokes can be longer. Strokes should not be applied with pressure when using a double edge razor.

Getting a Closer Shave with a Double Edge Razor3)   Let the razor glide over the skin for best results at a thirty degree angle relative to the skin. A 30 degree angle is the optimal shaving angle. If you notice the blade is getting dull, rotate the handle and use the remaining side of the blade to shave.

Shaving at the right angle can be achieved by using the right razor. Feather Double Edge Razors are designed to easily achieve this optimal angle. You can check them out here.

4)   When there is build-up in the razor, be sure to run it under a stream of water or fill a sink with hot water and rapidly move the razor back and forth to remove the hair from the blades. Repeat this process as necessary until your clean shave has been achieved. Your morning shave should take no more than 10 minutes.

5)   It’s important to note that to get the closest shave, it may be necessary to stretch the skin in the opposite direction of the razor’s path with the free hand so that the razor glides more easily. Stroke downward with the razor. Stretching the skin opens the hair follicle that exposes more of the hair shaft so it can be cut shorter.

6)   Post shave, rinse your skin with cold water to close the pores. Follow up with proper skin care products such as toner and a good moisturizer. And voila! You’ve completed your first traditional wet shave.

Getting a great wet shave with a double edge razor is well worth it. It takes some practice and a little know how, but once you get the hang of it, you will love the outcomes and say good-bye to yesterday’s cartridge or electric shavers. To see the double edge razors we carry, click here.


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