TikTok Hairstylists and Barbers to Follow who Use Feather Razors

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TikTok has become one of the hottest places for hair professionals to publicize themselves on social media. Aside from Instagram, TikTok provides a slightly different way to present oneself. With the focus on shorter videos (and not on images), many stylists and barbers have shown what they can do with the platform. We’ve taken notice and would like to highlight some of influencers that have caught our eye, especially since they use Feather Razors 🙂


Randa Rivera


@randa.rivera Quick tip to remove bulk in a grown out mullet. I’m honored to be apart of the @jataifeather Styling Razor anniversary! Get 30% off all month! (Link in my bio) #featherrazor30years @JataiFeather ♬ Electric Feel – MGMT

Randa Rivera is a Denver hairstylist who has taken TikTok by storm. With her fun, playful nature she really brings joy to the profession. Sometimes you’ll see her dancing in her videos. Sometimes you’ll see finished looks. Other times you’ll see her educating. But Randa truly enjoys hairdressing and it shows. Her bubbly personality is what draws you in, but her finished looks are what make you stay. She uses her Feather Styling Razor a lot and loves showing how to use it. Check her out.


Gilad Goldstein


@myguiltycrown I love my @jataifeather Styling Razor to cut short internal shapes because it creates a soft edge with zero effort! 😍 The guard protects my fingers from being cut so I can cut precision shapes quickly and easily. For the longer lengths I will use the razor on wet hair to channel cut and create space which allows the hair to move freely and provides visual separation as well. This tool literally does it all! 😁Check out jatai.net to see all their tools and get my favorite razor for 30% off for the rest of July!#featherrazor30yrs #jataiaffiliate #ad #haircut #haireducation #haircutvideo #haireducator #hairvideo #hairtutorials #hairtutorial #asianhair #razorcut ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Gilad shows quick haircutting demonstrations (usually on mannequin heads) to create all kinds of hairstyles. He adds in relatively fast narration to explain what he is doing and shows off the final look. If you’re looking for quick tutorials, Gilad is your guy. He has a love for both scissors and razors and uses the Feather Styling Razor in many of his videos.


Marina Lantos


@marinalantoshair Guarded feather razor haircut tutorial #hairtutorials #behindthechair #hairtutorialsvideo ♬ original sound – marinalantoshair

Marina is a skilled stylist. She does a lot of short demonstrations usually of a technique or a shows a small section of the haircut. Whether it’s scissor cutting, razor cutting or coloring, she’s demonstrating or showing something. Sometimes she uses mannequin heads, but most of the time she’s showing real clients and their haircuts. She doesn’t generally talk in her videos and sometimes they have no music either, so watching her videos are more of a visual experience.


Caroline Stahl


@carolinestahl #greenscreen no my shears aren’t thousands of dollars..that’s for another video maybe 😂 #EasyWithAdobeExpress #hairtok2022 #cuttingtools #haircuttingspecialist #cuttingspecialist ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Caroline is a hairstylist who likes to talk about her favorite products and create how to videos. She started a technique called ‘bangs with benefits’ where she incorporated baby hairs in wedding updos for hair to come down to the sides of the face when the client didn’t have actual bangs. It turns out that this was already a thing called Korean side bangs. Caroline loves to talk in her videos when giving her advice. She likes to use the Feather Plier Razor as well as the Feather Styling Razor when razor cutting. Check her out.


Shay Mullins


@shay.cuts.hair #featherrazor #hairtylistsoftiktok #salontok #hairstylistlife #sacramentohairstylist #razorhaircut #hairstylist ♬ original sound – soleil 🧸

Shay is an up and coming stylist. With her fun hair and quirky personality she loves to showcase her final looks as well as use her Feather Styling Razor. You never really see her talk in her videos but she likes to make silly videos which are entertaining and creative. You’ll want to see what she’s up to next.


Meredith Griffin


@hairprose0 Lay razor blade flat against hair and lightly work back and forth while sliding to ends. #razorhaircut#haireducation #fyp #foryou#featherblade ♬ PARAMOUR (feat. AURORA) – Sub Urban

Meredith likes to do a lot of color but she slips in some razor cutting and haircutting once in a while. She does a lot of short tutorials on techniques. She doesn’t really talk in her videos but she will use a lot of copy overlay to explain her points. While she loves to use her Feather Plier Razor, she gets straight to the point in her videos.




Chris O’Riordan


@chrisoriordanhair Razor work 🤙 #fyp #foryoupage #hair #houseoftiktok #hairtutorial #howtocuthair ♬ Paris – 斌杨Remix

Chris specializes in men’s grooming. As a barber, you can imagine he does a lot of clipper cutting, scissor cutting but also razor cutting. When a barber uses a razor in the hair, you know he’s not your ordinary barber. Chris gives quick demonstrations on his short men’s haircuts. Many revolve around sectioning, haircutting techniques, how to demonstrations and other hair related videos. You’ll never hear him talk but likes to use popular music or sometimes no music at all.


Sofie Pok


@staygold31 Is it easier to show clients what to do? 😆💈 #barber #staygold31 ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

Ok. Anyone in the industry knows who Sofie is. Needless to say, she is likely the most popular female barber today. With her tattoos and sense of fashion, Sofie brings a fresh female vibe to a barber industry dominated by mostly men. Sofie likes to create videos where she shares experiences and answers questions. She also shares her opinions about different products, finished work and gives insightful thoughts. She sometimes uses the Feather Artist Club Shaving Razors for her shaving needs.


Lily Benitez


@bladecraftbarberacademy Mrs Lilly stays ready with her #featherrazor What will you use it for?! #bladecraftbarber #barberstudent #barberbash #bladecraftfam #deepellumbarber #deepellum #friendship #hope #acceptancedallas #bladecraftbarberswag #iloveyou #scalpmicropigmentation #hairlosssolution #dallas #dallaswomen #womenentrepreneur #bladecraftlilly #featherskill #straightrazorshave #faceshave #headshave #cigars #womencigars #cigarwomen #tattooedwomen #handtattoo #bolttattoo #lather #handmade ♬ BIZCOCHITO – ROSALÍA

Lily from Blade Craft Barber Academy does a variety of videos. Whether it’s speaking to the camera, using her Feather Artist Club Pearl Razor or doing a how to demonstration, Lily is putting her best foot forward to provide barber education. She has some interesting ways she uses her Feather Razor!


Elliot Forbes


@elliotforbes ✨Full Shavin’✨ Wait for the special guest appearance at the end 👀 #asmr #oddlysatisfying #satisfyingsounds #barber ♬ original sound – Elliot Forbes

Elliot is a successful TikTok and YouTube influencer. With a whooping 9 million followers on TikTok he is obviously doing something right. Elliot is a barber who not only educates other barbers but also lamens as well. He also does a lot of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos which has become a quite popular type of YouTube video. It makes sense that he would repurpose those types of videos on TikTok. While he uses a wide variety of straight razors and double edge razors, he does use a Feather Artist Club once in a while to do his shaves.

TikTok is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet. It’s a place where all kinds of people discuss different topics. It’s no wonder it’s become so addicting to be a part of! TikTok is growing and evolving everyday and we are excited to see where it goes. But one thing is for sure, hairstylists and barbers have used it to grow their popularity and grow their businesses. The stylists and barbers highlighted in this article are just some of the ones that have caught our eye. If you’re a TikToker and want to share your handle with us, leave it in the comments and we will be sure to check it out!


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