Sarah Beck & The Balanced Hairstylist: Maintain Personal Wellness as a Hair Pro

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Hair professionals devote a lot of energy to supporting others, but it’s essential to safeguard your own well-being, too. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we interviewed Sarah Beck, founder of The Balanced Hairstylist, who shares some strategies for preserving your energy and nurturing your mental wellness.


What are 3 small things beauty pros can do each day no matter how busy their schedule is to center and take care of themselves?

Carving out even a few minutes for mindfulness can make a significant difference in a beauty professional’s day. Whether it’s a moment of deep breathing or simply taking a few quiet moments to reset between clients, these small acts of self-care can help to ground and center amidst the hustle.

First, stop scrolling between clients. Unless you have dedicated time allotted for social media, try to put the screen away. Mindlessly scrolling can be a numbing tool that depletes your energy and mental health.

Second, release energy that isn’t yours. When transitioning from one client to the next, the energy exchange can build up. Taking just a minute to release the absorbed energy can prevent the build-up of stress. Visualize the shared energy leaving as you sweep the hair from the previous appointment. Sweep the energy away.

Third, come back to your body. Amidst the hustle, it’s easy to get caught up in the monkey mind. Getting into your body brings you back to the present moment and promotes calmness. Try running cold water over your hands, deep breathing, or simple stretches to reconnect with your body.

All three modalities can help reduce stress and anxiety. By shifting from the monkey mind to the body, you can cultivate a more resilient nervous system and enhance overall mental health throughout your day.


How can salon owners make sure their team isn’t burning out?

To ensure their team avoids burnout, salon owners play a pivotal role in setting a positive tone by prioritizing their own mental wellbeing. Taking time for self-care and leading by example sends a powerful message to their team to do the same.

Additionally, implementing regular check-ins is crucial. Not just meeting for numbers and goals, but meetings to gauge stress levels and offer support. This shows genuine concern for their employees’ mental health.

Encouraging open communication and actively listening to their team’s concerns fosters a supportive environment. Recently, I collaborated with a salon for private quarterly mental health days. After four sessions, they shared that it had been “nothing short of life changing.” This illuminates the importance of salon owners prioritizing mental health, not just for themselves but for their teams, to cultivate a healthy and thriving work environment.


What boundaries do you think beauty pros would benefit most from establishing right away in their careers?

Firstly, it’s essential to set clear work hours and stick to them to prevent overwork. Starting your career with squeezing in clients or discounting services can make it challenging to reset boundaries later on.

Secondly, recognizing your limitations and setting boundaries accordingly is crucial. Just as we can’t pour from an empty cup, it’s vital to identify when your energy reserves are depleting and take action to replenish them.

Thirdly, prioritizing self-care is paramount. Allocate dedicated time for self-care without hesitation, setting firm boundaries around it. Our profession can be emotionally and physically draining, so refueling ourselves is essential for sustained well-being.


Beauty pros often become like their client’s therapist which can be overwhelming. What are your suggestions for navigating that?

Beauty professionals often find ourselves in the role of “hairapist” which can be overwhelming. First, know that you are NOT responsible for your clients’ feelings and emotions. In The Balanced Hairstylist, we emphasize the importance of actively listening without feeling the need to solve every problem.

Fixing, providing solutions, or giving advice is actually draining for us, and most clients don’t really want advice! They are seeking validation and understanding.

Also, know when you are being emotionally dumped on. Clients have a tendency to emotionally dump on us because they see us as a safe person. Learn how to set boundaries in the moment so it doesn’t drain you. Educate clients about the importance of mental health professionals for deeper issues.

The Balanced Hairstylist addresses these exact issues because we understand the unique challenge of being therapists without therapy training.


Tell us more about The Balanced Hairstylist.

The Balanced Hairstylist is a heartfelt initiative that stems from my personal journey in the beauty industry. Our Online Course is rooted in psychology and science, offering hairstylists valuable tools to prioritize their mental health. We delve into various topics, including those mentioned earlier, and also awareness, boundaries, stress levels, communication, self-care, energy protection and much more.

I’m excited to offer a cohort experience where participants can journey through the course together, starting in September 2024. One student has said, “I don’t know how to accurately express my gratitude for this class. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough.”

Additionally, I offer workshops, retreats, private salon events, and personalized one-on-one support, which is a great way to start if you’re feeling on the edge of burnout and need help right away.


What made you start The Balanced Hairstylist and what do you hope to provide with it?

After 23 years as a hairstylist, I personally understand the toll extreme burnout can take, especially on our mental health. When I reached my lowest point of burnout, I had to step away from the industry for a while. But, like many of you, I LOVE what I do. I just couldn’t continue in a way that drained me so much. I had to find a way to do things differently, and once I did, I knew I wanted to share this passion with others in the industry.

After years of therapy and extensive research, I began hosting small events alongside therapists, and it became clear that this was the path I was destined to take. My goal is to help hairstylists like you and me have long-lasting careers that prioritize mental health. My own experience with burnout in the beauty industry inspired me to create something meaningful. Through The Balanced Hairstylist, I hope to offer practical tools and emotional support to navigate the challenges of our profession.


A special thank you to Sarah Beck. To learn more visit The Balanced Hairstylist website or sign up for The Balanced Hairstylist Online Course. Follow @thebalancedhairstylist on Instagram for more tips and information on the program.




About Sarah Beck:
Sarah Beck has been doing hair for over 22 years and educating for 8 years. She started her education in NYC at the Aveda Institute and apprenticed at Arrojo Studio. While she still offers transformation haircuts with clients at The Hair Parlour in Kansas City and hosts razor cutting education classes, Sarah has embarked on a journey with The Balanced Hairstylist. The Balanced Hairstylist focuses on the mental health of beauty professionals and empowering hairstylists to have a balanced relationship with their career, and to elevate from within, all while cultivating a like-minded community of support.


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