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Mental Health for Professionals - Depressed WomanIt has only been until recently that mental health has been taken more seriously. In the past, discussing mental health was taboo. People shied away from topics related to depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, PTSD and more. But millions of people experience mental health issues each and every day. We can’t ignore the impact mental health has on everyday life.

According to Kaiser Permanente, about 16 million US adults suffer from depression every year. This is no small number. This includes all kinds of people and it even includes hair professionals. It’s no wonder that in order to shed light on this issue, May has become Mental Health Awareness Month and specifically May 27th has been declared National Hairstylist Mental Health Awareness Day.

Hair professionals generally love their job. However, like anyone, they can have their ups and downs. With busy schedules and having to deal with clients all day, it can definitely lead to stress. Having a high level of unpredictability, high work intensity, always trying to satisfy people, listening to other people’s problems and dealing with negative feedback from clients all contribute to strains on mental health.

And let’s not forget the intense stress that hair professionals had to go through during the worst part of the pandemic. Salons and barbershops had to remain closed. Not being able to work and make money was incredibly stressful.

Anxiety and depression can lead to decreased work performance, reduced concentration, aggressiveness, isolation or emotional outbursts. Mental health issues can also turn into physical health issues such as fatigue and illness.

So what are the main mental health issues hair professionals deal with? The most common are stress, anxiety and depression. At the workplace there are a number of factors than can contribute to these mental states. Having a healthy work environment is important for a healthy mind. Problems with co-workers and bosses such as poor communication, mis management, harassment and a lack of teamwork can make hair pros more anxious and possibly depressed. It’s important to have regular dialogue with management and make sure issues are being addressed and not pushed under the rug.

Clients can also exacerbate mental health issues. If clients show up late, are no shows, complain too much or vent too much about their own problems, these can take a toll. The daily toll of client issues day in and day out can overwhelm hair professionals if the problems become too much. Hair professionals often joke that they are like therapists. But in reality this information overload can be burdensome. Real therapists have to learn how to not take their clients’ problems home with them and so do hair professionals. On the flip side, hair professionals should become familiar with the signs of mental health issues so they can offer resources to clients for help if need be. Here’s a video where Ivan Zoot discusses how to not take client problems home with them.

Mental Health for Hair Professionals - Seek Professional HelpIf you are a hair professional it’s important to identify when you need help. If you are feeling stress, anxiety or depression, remember you are not alone. Many people go through these feelings. What’s important is how you deal with it. First and foremost, if you are feeling any of these, find some time to take a break and relax. Perhaps get a massage, meditate, do physical activity or talk to a trusted friend or family member. If the issue is more serious, maybe seek professional help. If you’re having difficulty identifying what you are feeling, write it down in a journal or diary. This documentation can help identify any patterns in your thoughts and feelings. Much anxiety comes from thinking about the past or the future. Focus on the present and do what needs to happen today for a better future. Take regular breaks during the day so you don’t experience burnout. Neglecting your hydration and nutrition throughout the day can lead to mental tiredness and fatigue.

Mental health is not something to be taken lightly. It affects each and every one of us in one shape or form. It’s important to acknowledge when unhealthy mental health issues arise and get the help necessary to work on the issues at hand. Stylists and barbers are a unique subset of the workforce that deal with a number of people every day. Let’s take this month to spread awareness of mental health for hair professionals and send the message that there’s no need to feel ashamed for having stress, anxiety and depression. But we must all do our part to help ourselves feel better and direct anyone who may need professional help.


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