Independence Day. Celebrating the Freedom to be Creative with Hair

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Fourth of July is a holiday where we take a moment to celebrate our freedom. We should give thanks to our forefathers before us for the ability to live independently and free. Almost 250 years later, we are still celebrating this day which often comes in the form of parades, BBQs, weekend events, music and more! Like many other holidays, people like to express their freedom to be an individual and sometimes that includes hair. Here are some 4th of July hair Insta-inspiration. Happy 4th everyone!


@jackieinmanhair uses extensions and color to create this cool fourth of July hairstyle. With horizontal tones of red and blue down platinum blonde hair, this is a great style for a fun weekend on the lake, at a concert or other event where you can let loose and just enjoy the sun and festivities.



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A post shared by Elaine 🇵🇷 (@hairby_laine)

@hairby_laine takes a stab at darker tones of red and blue on dark hair to give this rich independence day hairstyle. Curled for depth and added style, this look is great for someone who has naturally dark hair but wants fun colors.


@kissysbombshellbeauties creates a ‘look at me’ style that will turn heads. Bright red, white, and blue spikey hair on top, buzz cut on the sides and colored stars on the side scream fourth of July loud and clear. This look is great for true attention getters and those who love expressing themselves through their hair.


@paintitblonde makes 4th of July romantic with this wavy long haired red, white and blue hairstyle. Keeping the blue at the front of the head gives the style a focal point. The red at the bottom half of the hair gives it a dramatic pop. The beautiful curls keep this look feminine and soft.


@mysalonsuite_southhillspgh makes braids fun when it comes to the fourth of July. Weaving in red, white and blue hair into three French braided sections, as well as some white ribbon, this is a cool hairstyle for an outdoor event, the beach or BBQ. It’s nice for those hot summer days when all you want to do is keep your hair out of your face and off your sticky back!


@samirasjewelry can we say gorgeous?! So romantic and yet requires no hair color or extensions or hair pieces. She creates a beautiful hairstyle that could even be wedding hair and simply places some red and blue flowers into the hair for that fourth of July touch.


@helmet_hair has this cute little boy smiling with this red, white and blue hairstyle. After the color has washed out, the hair can easily be buzz cut off to start a fresh new look. But for now, this 4th of July style will make him the talk of the party.


@studio226salonsuites designs a cute style for youthful girls incorporating a braid and pops of red, white and blue color into the hair as well as some star hair décor. It’s great for a parade, BBQ get togethers or a fun day with family and friends.


@shannyscissorhands has a similar look to @kissysbombshellbeauties except for the hair is much longer in the front and tapers off toward the back. The stars are a bit different but this has a more mohawk look that requires some serious dedication.

@houseofhue_anahleejohnson might now have red or white in her hairstyle, but she incorporates a star hair design in this perfectly done undercut. It’s such a cool way to celebrate 4th of July in a different way. With curly blue hair on top, this style is a great summer short hair look. Unfortunately, this image couldn’t be embedded so you can see the look here.

Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our freedom and a declaration of independence dating all the way back to 1776. While the meaning is still the same, people use it as a time to express their own individuality and freedom to express themselves whether that be through hair, clothes, make-up or whatever else they feel suits them. If you’re looking for some fun 4th of July hair inspiration, this is a fun collection that should get your juices stirring! Happy fourth everyone and stay safe.




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