How to Improve Your Brand for Customer Recognition and Loyalty

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Branding is one of those areas that infiltrates your whole business. It takes time, creativity and commitment to gain customer recognition and loyalty. It’s an important activity that gives a feeling and vibe to your business. This vibe resonates with people who are attracted to it so here are some ways to improve your brand.



Branding is all about consistency. Using the same colors, fonts and verbal style throughout any printed or digital media can set a tone for your business and maintain the same message and values. Use your logo in all your media both in print and digital. If you have a product line, this should also reflect your brand. If these are different, it can confuse the client about what you and your business stands for. People don’t like to be confused and they often make decisions based on certainty.


How to Improve Your Brand for Customer Recognition and Loyalty - USPREMEMBER YOUR USP

Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition. So what is your USP? This should be clearly defined in order to have a strong brand. If you don’t know, think about what makes you different. Why should people come to you and not go to someone else? When you have a strong USP people will have a difficult time replacing you because only you can provide it. Think about how powerful this can be. You can raise prices if you are in high demand.


Everyone is visual and can connect with brands much easier when they can see a photo, video or other type of imagery. Check the photos you are using to promote your brand. Do the photos represent your brand well? If not, it may be time to take some new ones. Photos of yourself, your haircuts and even your salon or barbershop represent your brand and who you are. Remember, first impressions count so blow them away!



Be true to yourself and others. It’s so easy to get caught up in the smoke and mirrors of social media. Everyone can be someone different online. But it takes a lot of work to maintain the façade. Also, when someone meets you in person and it doesn’t match up with how your represent yourself online, this can be a turnoff. Being authentic will help you maintain a strong long-lasting brand. If you are always trying to keep up with the Jones’ you will always be chasing and not being. Release the stress and just be yourself.



What is the culture of the salon or shop you’re working at or own? Does it match with the mission of your brand? The culture of the workplace can make you stand out and show your uniqueness. Culture can be so powerful that it can even become your brand. If the culture is strong and positive it encourages others to be the same. However, if the culture is negative, the business will struggle.


How to Improve Your Brand for Customer Recognition and Loyalty - PartnershipsPARTNERSHIPS

Partner with like-minded people who share similar values and who can enhance your business. Partnerships should be complementary. Say for example you refer your clients to a nail salon. The nail salon should share similar values on customer service and quality of service. Because if a client likes you and the work you do, they will trust any recommendations you give them.

The same can be said for partnering with other influencers or educators. Influencers you partner with (if any) should resonate a similar message. For example, if you give a haircutting class and you partner with another stylist, that stylist should have similar values as you do when it comes to haircutting. Partnerships can be very powerful so choose wisely.

Building a brand is not so clear cut like analyzing your business numbers. Instead, it’s conceptual. You have to think about it as something bigger than you but it also represents you. There are always ways to improve your brand. It just takes some flexing of the muscles to know what needs to change.


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