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Razor haircuttingIf you’re new to razor haircutting and new to the Feather Styling Razor, you might find there are a number of choices to make when it comes to using one. We know learning how to razor cut is already a big task and commitment, so getting the most out of your razor shouldn’t be. In this article, we will be covering the unique benefits of the Feather Styling Razor, the different components to the system and which blades you should be using.

But first, a little bit of interesting history. Prior to the 1990’s there was no haircutting razor available that had a guard. While that’s difficult to imagine today, at the time, if you wanted to do razor haircutting you had to use a bare blade razor. This was a problem for many hairdressers because they didn’t want to cut themselves or their clients. To say the least, the fear was real. As a consequence, razor haircutting was not popular. Seeing the need in the industry, JATAI and Feather created a new kind of razor in 1992. You guessed it, the Feather Styling Razor was born. A unique and innovative haircutting razor that not only had a guard, but used replaceable blades. It was a never-before-seen product that hairdressers fell in love with. Today, the Feather Styling Razor is the number one haircutting razor in the world. With 30 years of dependability and quality control, the Feather Styling Razor is used all over the world by stylists and even barbers.


What are the different features of the Feather Styling Razor?

There are several unique features of the Feather Styling Razor. First off, it’s a system. You can’t just have the handle to make it work. You need the blades and the disposal case too. The brilliant no-touch system allows you to easily insert, remove and replace blades without ever touching the blade! For sanitation and safety purposes, it doesn’t get much better than this. You can watch a video here on how to use the no-touch system.

Removing Feather Styling Razor BladesLet’s talk about that disposal case for a moment. The Feather Disposal Case is a container with a slot at the top used for removing and disposing used blades. Once a blade becomes dull, you remove the blades with the case. When the case fills up, you can dispose of it properly to keep wildlife safe. Blades are still sharp once they hit the landfill, so it’s important to make sure they stay out of harms way. You can dispose the case at your local pharmacy or sharps recycling center.

The handle itself has an ergonomic design. It’s easy to hold and maneuver. The hole at the end is not necessarily to put your finger in. While you can do this, it can be restrictive. So use it or don’t use it, it’s up to you based on your preferences. The head of the razor is made of Japanese stainless steel. It’s designed in a way that holds the blade snug in place. There is no chatter or movement of the blade in the razor head, making it very easy to use the razor.

You may notice there are two types of handles. There is the standard handle and then the detail handle. The detail handle is 1” shorter and designed for detailed work such as razor cutting the fringe or small areas that need attention.

Finally, the biggest feature of all is the blades. The blades are what do most of the work. Made in Japan, there is an enormous amount of quality control that goes into making the blades in order to ensure the blades are made properly. It’s due to the commitment and attention to detail that Feather has some of the most dependable and consistent blades on the market. They are made of 100% Japanese stainless steel. The blades are extremely sharp so they don’t snag the hair and they last a long time so one blade goes a long way!


The Feather Styling Razor uses 3 different types of blades. How do I know which blade to use?

The Feather Styling Razor Standard Blades are the most popular and the first blade to be produced. It has a built-in guard and comes in a pack of 10 blades. It’s the most versatile blade and used for everyday razor haircutting. For most, this will be the go-to blade. Check them out here.

Feather Styling Razor SystemThe Feather Styling Razor Texturizing Blades was the second blade to be produced. It has a unique guard pattern that allows you to cut 25% less hair than the Standard Blades. This blade is useful for razor cutting thin hair or if you want texture but don’t want to take off too much hair. It’s often associated with the red handle but the Texturizing Blade can be used in any Styling Razor handles. You can see them here.

The Feather Styling Razor Standard R-Type Blades is the newest of the three. This blade looks similar to the Standard Blades but it has less guard. With 40% more blade exposure, you will cut off a lot more hair so be careful! This blade is best for a razor haircutter who is quite proficient in razor haircutting, wants to razor cut more quickly and wants less resistance in the hair. The more guard there is on the blade, the more resistance there will be. So, the R-Type Blades can be viewed as a stepping stone between a guarded blade and an unguarded blade, giving the most freedom when it comes to razor haircutting. If you’re interested in the R-Type Blades check them out here.

The Feather Styling Razor and blade system works. Throughout the years, competitors have tried to come up with their own version of a haircutting razor with a guard. But many blades and handles end up being produced in China. The quality and standards are not as high. They wear out faster and don’t hold up as well.

We believe the razor is an extension of your hand. Razors are a tool, that if properly made and handled, you can create beautiful art with them. Like a paintbrush, if your brushes are of quality, your strokes are nice and smooth. Your experience as a painter is more satisfying and fun. And your final artwork becomes a masterpiece.

You are going to love razor haircutting. It brings creativity and art to haircutting. Please be sure to check out our JATAI Academy’s Education CONNECT for tons of educational videos on how to use our various razors including the Feather Styling Razor.


JATAI provides innovative and professional quality beauty implements with world-class customer service and educational support. To offer great products as a master distributor, we seek out and select only manufacturers who demonstrate superior workmanship, the most advanced technology, and respected business core values of reliability, honesty and integrity. Accordingly, JATAI represents three major ‘workhorse’ brands that dominate within their categories. Feather, Seki Edge and Fuji Paper. JATAI Academy brings beauty tools to creative life. It’s the ultimate professional information resource where Education, Artistry and Trends CONNECT for Stylists and Barbers.

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