Fuji Paper for Better Hair Color and Grey Coverage Results

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Fuji Paper for Better Hair Color and Grey Coverage ResultsWhen it comes to perms we all know that a good end paper helps to protect the hair, evenly distribute perm solution to the hair and helps the hair to be rolled onto a permanent waving rod. While perms have been an offered service for many years, recently the same papers used for perms are being used for a different use.

Completely organic, many stylists have found that end papers and specifically Fuji End Papers are great for color processing. And they are even better for color processing stubborn grey hairs. It all started with one stylist’s experiment. This experiment made a positive difference in their color services and so they informed their colleagues.

When coloring hair and especially coloring grey hair, the color can start to dry out at the hairline and part because it’s more exposed to the air. The color can also drip down the face, staining the skin. To keep hair from dripping down the skin and drying out, Fuji Paper can be used in these areas. When placed at the hairline and part, the paper has great saturation (400% more than other end papers on the market) to help keep the hair moisturized. While stubborn grey hairs often take a longer processing time, the paper helps the process along resulting in better outcomes.

Stylists have confirmed that using Fuji Paper in this way has improved their color processing outcomes significantly and it’s so easy to do. You can watch this video by hairstylist Ginny Bates on how she uses Fuji Paper to achieve these results.


Fuji Paper for Better Hair Color and Grey Coverage Results - Wrist DispenserFuji Paper comes in various pack sizes. Each individual pack contains 500 sheets, and you can buy several packs at a time. From a single pack all the way up to 12 packs, there are a variety of options. There are also three different dispensers to make dispensing paper easier and more convenient. The wrist dispenser allows you pull papers from your wrist. The counter dispenser can hold many more sheets of paper and can be pulled out individually. Then there’s the self-dispensing box, which is disposable. Papers can be pulled out one-by-one from here as well.

Fuji Paper is not like other end papers. Each sheet has small perforations which allows the paper to have 4 times the saturation of any other end paper on the market. They have a strong grip and won’t dissolve like other papers. They are made in Japan and no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process making it environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

If you’re looking for better results from your color processing and grey coverage services, try Fuji Paper. It will give you the surprisingly great results. Check out the process here.


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