3 Ways to Effectively Remove a Splinter

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Removing a SplinterSplinter removal can be one painful act. That needle-like object piercing through the skin seems like it would be just as painful as removing them. Splinters come in various shapes and sizes. But usually the smaller ones hurt the most. Why? Because they are difficult to remove. Some people use glue or tape, while even others use potatoes (believe it or not) for splinter removal. Here are some simple steps on how to remove a splinter properly to avoid further pain or possible infection.

1) Do not attempt to squeeze the splinter out. If you do, sharp splinters might push themselves further in if aggravated. Even worse, it may even break into smaller pieces. By understanding how to remove a splinter properly, you will see that you will not need to be doing any squeezing.

2) Wash and dry the spot with soap and water. But be gentle. This is to prevent infection. Make sure you pat the wound down to soak up excess water with a paper towel.

3) Sterilize the implement(s) you will use with an antiseptic solution or even a hot flame to prevent infection.

4) Inspect with a magnifying glass. By seeing the splinter up close, you can see the best way to approach your splinter removal. Depending on how the splinter is angled, this will dictate the best way to take it out.

5) There are several ways to accomplish splinter removal. The best ways are to use the tweezers method, needle method, or nail clipper/razor blade method.


How to Remove a Splinter with a TweezerHow to remove a splinter with the tweezers method: This is probably the splinter removal method you are most familiar with and is best used when the splinter is protruding from the skin. If it is sticking out horizontally use the needle method or the nail clipper method. You may want to numb the area with ice if it is a sensitive area after cleaning it. Sterilize the tip of the tweezers with rubbing alcohol or a hot flame and hold the magnifying glass to see where the splinter is sticking out of the skin. Using the tweezers, grab the splinter at the head making sure not to grab any hair or skin. Again, don’t attempt to squeeze the splinter while pulling it out. When you do this you actually encourage the skin to grip the embedded end. This may lead to splinter breakage. Pull the splinter out in the direction it went into the skin.


How to remove a splinter with the needle method: Splinter removal using a needle is the best method when there is a thin layer of skin over the splinter. If the splinter is set deep in the skin, this is not a good method to use. First you will need to sterilize the needle. Then, using the magnifying glass, see where the splinter entered the skin. Stick the needle in at the opening and gently apply upward pressure opening the skin above the splinter. By pulling the skin apart this should expose the splinter allowing you to now use the tweezers method to remove the splinter. You may need to use the needle to nudge the splinter out and loosen the skin around the splinter if it’s stubborn.


How to remove a splinter with a nail clipper/razor method: This method is best used when a splinter is buried under thick skin that is not very sensitive. The heel of the foot would be a prime example. To use this splinter removal method, sterilize the edges of the clipper or razor with rubbing alcohol. Clip or cut the skin parallel to the splinter. It should not hurt. Gently pull the skin apart to see the splinter. Then, use the tweezers method.

Once the splinter is removed, be sure to disinfect the area with hydrogen peroxide, saline peroxide, alcohol pad or some other antiseptic solution. Also an antibiotic ointment may help to prevent infection. Natural antiseptics include raw organic honey or tea tree oil.

Removing a splinter can seem like a squeamish task, but if done correctly, it can be painless. Now that you know how to remove a splinter, you can be sure that your splinter removal experience will be done in a cinch.


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