Short Spiky Pixie Cut with a Razor by Sergey Zaroslav

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April 01, 2024
Short Spiky Pixie Cut with a Razor by Sergey Zaroslav

In this video taken from the web, Sergey Zaroslav does a quick short spiky pixie cut using only a razor. He achieves this short pixie haircut on straight, heavy thick hair. Short pixie haircuts come in a lot of shapes and styles. This one in particular is an edgy pixie with highly textured hair and choppy layers. It works well on thicker hair types and not as well on fine hair. It’s a super short hairstyle thats funky and fun.

He uses a Feather LX Styling Razor for the whole haircut. While the Feather LX Styling Razor is discontinued, it uses the same blades as the standard Feather Styling Razor. He starts at the top of the head using the razor to take out weight and create texture. Next, he address the bangs. He does deep channel cutting on the sides and back, just free form cutting all around the head. Lastly, he blow drys and uses scissors for final detailing on the sides and front. With a little product to give it volume and lift, this choppy pixie hairstyle is a short cut that’s trendy and fashionable.

There are different types of short pixie cuts such as edgy pixie cuts or the undercut pixie. This style works with most face shapes and hair color where dark and blonde pixies are most popular. If you like pixie hairstyles, check out some of our other pixie cuts in the video links below.

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