Feather Styling Razor Kit

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  • World’s #1 hair cutting razor and LaunchPad Reader’s Choice Award winner year after year!
  • Kit contains: Styling Razor handle, 10pk of Feather Standard Blades and a Blade Disposal Case
  • The balance and feel allows the razor to become an extension of your hand
  • Guarded blade protects you and your client
  • Hair does not clog between the guard and blade
  • Blades fit snug in the handle
  • Blades are removed and replaced with a no-touch blade system
  • Use any of the 3 Feather Styling Razor Blades to tailor your hair cutting needs (Standard, R-Type, Texturizing)
  • Choose from a variety of handle colors
  • Made in Japan

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Product Description

Product Description

INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE BEST! It’s time to get familiar with the Feather Styling Razor, the world’s #1 choice in haircutting razors and winner of Beauty Launchpad Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award year after year. Take advantage of the Standard Kit which includes a Feather Styling Razor handle, a 10 pk of Feather Standard Blades and a Blade Disposal Case, all made in Japan. Discover what half a million stylists love about the balance and feel that allows this razor to become an extension of your hand. Any of the three Feather Styling Razor Blades may be used for custom cutting: Standard, Standard R-Type, Texturizing. Pick your favorite handle color for your kit: black, silver, Tomei blue, Tomei fuchsia, Tomei pink, matcha green, lavender and baby pink. Click to learn more about Feather Styling Razors, visit Jatai Academy for free razor cutting education and watch this video.

Additional Information

Additional Information

F1-80-200, F1-80-202, F1-80-203, F1-80-204, F1-80-208, F1-80-216, F1-80-214, F1-80-215
Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4.75 × 1.75 in




Country of Origin



4 902470 592008


Black, Silver, Tomei Blue, Tomei Fuchsia, Tomei Pink, Matcha Green, Baby Pink, Lavender

Uses Guarded Blades


Compatible Blades

Feather Styling Razor Standard Blades, Feather Styling Razor Standard R-Type Blades, Feather Styling Razor Texturizing Blades

Handle Length

7.5 in

Razor Body Length

67 mm

Razor Handle Length

120 mm

Blade Type

Uses Unguarded Blades

Handle Type

Straight Handle