How to Deal with No Show Clients

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  • How to Deal with No Show Clients

    Posted on 19 November 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    If you've ever provided a service and had clients you know all about no shows. No shows are a big problem. It's lost revenue and a waste of productive time. No one needs no shows! However, they always seem to happen. Here's Ivan Zoot's best tips on how to deal...

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  • Creating Membership Programs for Hair Salons and Barbershops

    Posted on 27 October 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Memberships create loyalty, exclusivity and they support your best customers. There are many ways to create a membership program but there are 'best practices' and 'better' ways of creating these programs. Do it the right way first. Here are some great tips from Ivan Zoot, aka Clipper Guy, on how...

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  • Creating Holiday Promotions for Clients

    Posted on 17 October 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Make the most out of the holiday season with your hair services. Starting with Halloween all the way through New Years, you can take advantage of this wonderful time to ramp up business. Here are some great ideas by Ivan Zoot, aka Clipper Guy, on how you can go out...

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  • Do You Know the Difference Between the Feather Styling Razor Blades?

    Posted on 21 September 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    There's more than just 1 Feather Styling Razor Blade. Likely you are familiar with the Standard Blades. However, there are 2 others! Here's a breakdown of the three different blades, when you would use them and even how to use them. Ivan Zoot explains.

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  • How to Deal with Toxic Clients

    Posted on 10 September 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Have you ever had a client that was toxic? Maybe they are hard to deal with, they are not pleasant to deal with or they are always complaining. Whatever the issue, having a toxic client puts you in a bad mood and doesn't contribute to a pleasurable environment for you....

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  • Get the Most Out of Trade Shows

    Posted on 25 August 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Attending beauty shows can be overwhelming and expensive. Make the most of your time and effort by being clear about your goals for attending. With all the education available and 100's of companies selling their products, it's easy to get distracted. Here are Ivan's best tips for maneuvering a trade...

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  • Get More Testimonials

    Posted on 13 August 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Part of getting more business is building your social proof. People want to see that you are producing desirable results for your clients. By getting positive testimonials from clients, you let other people know your services are worth the cost. As a hairdresser or barber you know how critical this...

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  • Haircutting Hygiene

    Posted on 21 July 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Are you working clean? When the term 'haircutting hygiene' is used, it's meant to mean very neat and clean technique that is helpful in your haircutting. In this video, Ivan Zoot, aka Clipper Guy, gives us a haircutting hygiene technique using Jatai Feather Switch Blade Shears.

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  • So you want to become a Platform Artist?

    Posted on 07 July 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Do you want to be a platform artist? This is a question many hairdressers and barbers ask. If you want to educate for a major brand or company watch this video. Ivan Zoot, aka Clipper Guy, gets asked this question all the time. And over the years his answer has...

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