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  • Playstation

    Posted on 14 April 2020 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Here's a new idea. Call it what you will. Ivan Zoot calls it a 'Finishing Station.' Maybe styling hair is not necessarily your thing. All the blowdrying and using product is not what floats your boat. Or maybe you offer styling as an a-la-carte option. If any of these apply...

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  • The Reality of Instagram Followers

    Posted on 31 March 2020 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Why do you want more Instagram followers? Is it to gain clients? Is it so you can increase your popularity? Whatever the reason, there is a reality to your Instagram followers. It's not bad or good but as soon as you understand the value of a follower and how to...

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  • A Quick Lesson on How to Use the Feather Nape & Body Razor

    Posted on 11 March 2020 // by Vijay Dabhi

    The Feather Nape & Body Razor is a fantastic tool that helps any hairdresser use a razor against the skin to shave the nape, sideburns, eyebrows and even do line-ups for men's facial hair. A stylist can use this tool because the blade has a unique wire guard that protects...

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  • Cross Promotion

    Posted on 24 February 2020 // by Vijay Dabhi

    As a hairdresser or barber you not only have to know how to do good haircuts, but you also have to know how to do good marketing and promotion. Without clients you have no business. There are many ways to get new clients but one way is cross promotion. In...

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  • The After Haircut Rinse: An Added Service for Short Haircuts

    Posted on 02 February 2020 // by Vijay Dabhi

    As a hair professional you are always thinking of ways to increase your revenue. One way to do this is with added services, services that you place on top of the actual service. The after haircut rinse is a good one for short haircuts which gives that extra touch of...

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  • Barbers & Hairdressers can Expire?

    Posted on 19 January 2020 // by Vijay Dabhi

    As a Stylist or Barber you may have never heard of yourself expiring. What does Ivan Zoot mean by this? Your career has an end and what you need to decide is if you are going to extend your career as long as possible or make the most of your...

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  • Shears for Peak Performance & Healthy Haircutting

    Posted on 23 December 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Cutting hair can often become repetitive. The same muscles are exerted in the same ways all day long. It's important to have ergonomic positioning of your hands when using shears. Be a healthy haircutter. Here are Ivan's best tips for shear peak performance.

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  • Hair Pros, Health and the Holidays

    Posted on 11 December 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    As a hairdresser or barber, doing hair behind the chair can do wear and tear on the body. Staying healthy means making a conscious effort to maintain health. There are many things that a hair professional can do to stay healthy. Here are some great tips from Ivan Zoot, aka...

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  • Ivan’s Shave Technique: Always See What You’re Shaving

    Posted on 02 December 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Shaving is an art and a science. There are many ways to shave, but there are some great shaving practices that can make shaving easier, safer and more precise. Ivan Zoot, aka Clipper Guy, shows you one of his favorite shaving techniques.

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