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Paul Vega 3J’s Cutz Bellflower, CA


About My Work:

To achieve the Hourglass Shape 2021, I used the Feather Styling Razor to create lots of movement throughout the cut for an overall ‘softer and shaggier’ shape. The razor also helped me to create volume at the top of the crown area and occipital bone to complete a beautifully rounded shape … the ends are soft and blended. I call my cutting technique ‘The Money Cut’ – like counting out money with your thumb and index finger (an easy and profitable razor cutting technique). I used the razor at a diagonal most of the time; I started horizontally using the razor in very smooth strokes up and down to create the outer perimeter of the cut. Then I went inside to create more details of the shag cut, using my Feather Styling Razor vertically.
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Amanda Kimball - Hair Stylist
JATAI’S amazing online Academy allows you to get education at any time – totally when it’s convenient for you. It’s a great place to go if you are needing new techniques or refreshers. There are so many to pick from. I use it often to freshen up or learn something new.
Paul Vega - Master Barber, Stylist, International Educator
Jatai's Feather Razor is responsible for so many of the textured looks that I have achieved. It’s a tool that I teach with to so many hairdressers & students throughout the country.  You will find Jatai's Feather Razor in every Top Artist assembly of tools.  Respect to the Feather Razor!
Ana Grisi - Hair Stylist
Through the sites easily accessible Academy, I’ve been able to branch out on blade styles as well as learn quick and friendly tips on using my tools on my clients everyday needs behind the chair.
Ivan Zoot - Barber & Hair Stylist
As a content provider I am in great company at Jatai Academy online. It has become a place on the web where beauty and barber professionals can count on finding quality information from industry leaders.