Seki Edge Grooming Kit Case

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  • Sleek, sophisticated zip up carrying case
  • Customize your own kit and fill with the tools you need
  • Versatile mesh pockets to carry odd sized implements
  • 4 elastic bands to secure Seki Edge tools (see Product Description for recommendations)
  • Great for traveling and keeping tools safe and protected
  • Made in Japan
Available Quantity: 6

Product Description

Product Description

YOU ASKED FOR IT … WE CREATED IT! It’s the stylish Grooming Kit Case which we are proud to introduce. Time and again our customers would buy a variety of tools only to realize they didn’t have a nice case to keep them in or travel with. Versatile, sophisticated, convenient, zip-up, and perfect for all of your Seki Edge tools, the zip-up Grooming Kit Case just made it easy. Simply mix and match and plug all your grooming tools into their respective slots.

Which tools fit in each mesh pocket and elastic band?

Here are our recommendations for each pocket and elastic band from left to right. Please note, these tools do not come with the case. These are merely suggestions:

Mesh Pocket 1 (left):

Mesh Pocket 2 (right):

Elastic Band 1 (from left to right):

Elastic Band 2:

Elastic Band 3:

Elastic Band 4:

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 4.1 oz
Dimensions 5.875 × 4.75 × 1 in


Country of Origin


Product Weight

4 oz

Product Length

150 mm

Product Width

120 mm

Product Height

30 mm

Case Material

Synthetic Leather