Seki Edge Stainless Steel Nail Scissors (SS-205)

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  • Serrated edges to prevent slipping while cutting
  • Suitable for thin or soft nails
  • Curved blades and sharp cutting edges for precise control
  • Strong enough to cut through acrylic nails
  • Proprietary loop design for long lasting smooth performance
  • Made in Japan
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Product Description

Product Description

GRIP WHILE YOU CLIP SOFTER, THINNER NAILS! Similar to the SS-201, these scissors are suitable for cutting thin or soft nails. They have a serrated cutting edge that grips while you cut your nails. No slippage while cutting plus more precise control. Ergonomically designed handles to prevent tired hands. The sharp stainless steel edges will also cut both acrylic nails and acrylic toenails. The extensively-tested design of these scissors features a proprietary loop design that gives durability and smooth action. The serrated edges prevent slipping while cutting and have ergonomic handles to prevent tiring of the hands. Made in Japan.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.625 × 0.625 in

Green Bell

Country of Origin



4 972525 702461

Product Length

127 mm

Product Width

42 mm

Product Height

14 mm

Blade Length

1 in

Jaw Blade Length

22 mm

Jaw Max Opening

55 mm

Handle Material

Elastomer resin

Blade Material

Stainless cutting steel

Spring Material

Stainless steel