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  • Modern Razor Shag on Dense Wavy Hair – Pony Education

    Posted on 03 October 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Corinna from Pony Education creates a modern shag. The modern shag has less head shape layers. They are looser, longer and more wearable. It's a great cut that works on any type of hair (curly, straight, dense) and even works with Iris' dense hair with a natural wave. Corinna removes...

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  • Curly Bob Rock and Roll Razor Haircut by Shay Dempsey

    Posted on 30 October 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Shay Dempsey creates a curly bob by cutting curly hair with a Feather Styling Razor using a 'pinch and cut' technique.  In this LIVE video replay with Shay and Gerard Scarpaci from Hairbrained, Shay discusses the use of razors on curly hair to get the best results. This curly hair...

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  • Modern Mullet Razor Cut with Charli Boell

    Posted on 25 July 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Charli Boell uses her Feather Detail Styling Razor and Standard Blades to create this modern-day mullet with a slightly longer, eye-level fringe that allows for multiple ways to style it. Overall, the goal was to remove weight and create a wispy effect throughout the hair. This cut took multiple Feather...

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  • Rae Steele creates a medium length, long layered supermodel-inspired cut using a Feather Styling Razor and R-Type Blades. She prefers an R-Type Blade because it has the least amount of guard so it to cuts more like an unguarded Feather Plier Razor. After sectioning the hair, she worked side to...

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  • This textured pixie was inspired by the iconic Cat Woman movie from the early 2000s with Halle Berry. Mikey Teeze used a Feather Styling Razor to give the cut a shattered effect. The Feather Styling Razor is perfect for creating a razored/shattered look because it makes it easy to stay...

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  • 1990’s Inspired Grunge Bob Haircut by Janine Jarman

    Posted on 04 July 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Janine Jarman's client has finer, permed hair which gives the ideal texture to this 1990s-inspired grungy bob where the kicks and pulls really bring the look together and enhance the overall style. Janine started the cut in the back at the nape using the tip of the razor to release...

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  • Short Layered Razor Haircut by Kenji Kubota

    Posted on 27 June 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Kenji Kubota, a Japanese hairstylist in Japan, gives a short layered razor haircut and changes up the color for a fun touch. Kenji use a Feather Styling Razor to do the initial cut and then finishes it off with scissors. It's a beautiful short cut. Check out the full tutorial...

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  • Shaggy Bob with Bangs by Beto of UglyPress

    Posted on 21 August 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Beto creates a versatile shaggy bob with bangs that looks great curly or straight. He uses his Feather Plier Razor to create a soft bob with lots of movement. If you want a more clean shape, use scissors. Tish has a lot of hair so he releases weight and creates...

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  • Body Wave for Added Texture on Short Hair by UglyPress

    Posted on 19 September 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Here's another video by Beto from UglyPress and again with his beautiful model Lita. In this video Beto maintains Lita's style but adds a lot of great texture with a body wave. The 'perm' is reinvented with this modern look. Wavy on top, short on the sides, this is a...

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