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  • JATAI Tokyo Scissors 5.5 (J-155)

    JATAI Tokyo Scissors 5.5″ & 6.0″ by BMAC

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  • JATAI Tokyo Thinning Scissors (J-125T)

    JATAI Tokyo Thinning Scissors by BMAC

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  • JATAI Osaka Scissors 5.5" (J-355)

    JATAI Osaka Scissors 5.5″ & 6.5″ by BMAC

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  • JATAI Kyoto Scissors 6.0" (J-560)

    JATAI Kyoto Scissors by BMAC

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  • Jatai Trio Shaving Kit

    JATAI Trio Shaving Kit

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  • Jatai Razor and Shear Stand

    JATAI Razor + Shear Stand

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  • Jatai Teasing Pin Comb

    JATAI Teasing Pin Comb

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  • Jatai Heat Shield

    JATAI Heat Shield

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  • Jatai Daily Facial Cleanser

    JATAI Daily Facial Cleanser

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