Seki Edge Eyelash Curler Pads for SS-600 (SS-600R)

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  • 4 silicone replacement pads
  • Replacement pads should be changed when the pad looses effectiveness
  • Silicone is gentle to eyelash hairs
  • Use with the Seki Edge Spot Eyelash Curler (SS-600)
  • Made in Japan
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Product Description

Product Description

REPLACE EYELASH PADS EVERY TWO MONTHS! The Seki Edge replacement pads are made exclusively for SS-600 Spot Eyelash Curler. These pads are made of silicone which is gentle to eyelash hair and is manufactured in Japan. Replacement pads should be changed when the pad loses effectiveness (about every 2 months). Each pack comes with 4 pads.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Seki Edge


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10 mm

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