Feather Artist Club Professional 20 Blade cartridge

Feather Artist Club Professional Blades (20pk)

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  • The most versatile and economical Artist Club razor blade
  • Used for full face shaving, outlining, line-ups
  • Triple grinding for superior sharpness, quality and consistency
  • One-touch mechanism enables easy, sanitary and safe insertion of new blades
  • Fits any Artist Club razor handle
  • 20 blades per cartridge
  • Made in Japan
Get a 20pk of Feather Artist Club Professional Blades Free with purchase of any Feather Artist Club Shaving Razor. Blades will be automatically added when handle is added to the cart. Valid through 4/30/21.
Available Quantity: 84
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Product Description

Product Description

FANTASTIC BLADES FOR FULL-FACE SHAVING! Barbers cite these blades as their most versatile blade used for full-face shaving (includes outlining, line-ups, etc.). They are designed to fit all Feather Artist Club Professional Shaving Razors. Each blade features triple grinding for optimal sharpness, quality and consistency, and a double coating of platinum alloy and resin for ease of use and blade longevity. A one-touch mechanism enables easy, sanitary insertion of new blades. Made in Japan.