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(fits in any double edge razor handle)

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Feather Double Edge Blades 5pk


Feather Double Edge Blades 10pk


Feather Double Edge Blades 20pk


Feather Double Edge Blades 100pk


Feather Double Edge Blades 200pk


Why Choose Feather Double Edge Blades?

  • Recognized as one of the world’s best double edge razor blades
  • Platinum coated for a smoother and long lasting shaves
  • Gives a closer shave than multi-blade cartridges
  • Consistent sharpness with every blade
  • Less irritation
  • High quality, Hi-Stainless Steel
  • Saves money in the long term
  • Environmental friendly. Reduce your footprint
  • Made in Japan

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Why Should You Use Double Edge Razors and Blades?


Get a Closer Shave

Did you know that double edge blades give a closer shave than cartridge blades? This is because a single sharp blade gives a clean cut. Cartridge blades are often not as sharp and try to make up for it by including more blades. With double edge safety razors, you can get the best angle against the skin when you have the right technique. The angle determines how mild or aggressive the shave will be. So the optimal angle paired with a sharp blade is the key to a close shave.

Save the Environment

Our planet is the only one we got. Let’s help our world by minimizing plastic consumption. Double Edge Blades are stainless steel and recyclable. They utilize less resources to help reduce our landfills. Be sure to dispose used blades in a sharps container to prevent the blades from harming people and wildlife. 

Spend Less on Blades

Cartridge blades can get very expensive but double edge blades are pretty cheap. And let’s not forget you have 2 sides to the blade. In general, a double edge blade can give 5-10 shaves depending on the quality. And since Feather blades are high quality, they tend to last longer than other blades on the market. This puts extra money in your piggy bank. 

Less Irritation

Cartridge blades often have 3 to 6 blades. This means that when you shave there are 3 to 6 blades gliding across the skin with each stroke. Combine this with multiple passes and you can sense the amount of irritation it can bring. A double edge blade is a single blade so only 1 blade passes the skin with each stroke. Feather Double Edge Blades, in particular, are very sharp so you need very few passes as long as the proper technique is used. Less passes with a sharp blade result in less irritation.