Curly Bob Rock and Roll Razor Haircut by Shay Dempsey

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  • Curly Bob Rock and Roll Razor Haircut by Shay Dempsey

    Posted on 30 October 2022 // by Vanessa Wada

    Shay Dempsey creates a curly bob by cutting curly hair with a Feather Styling Razor using a 'pinch and cut' technique.  In this LIVE video replay with Shay and Gerard Scarpaci from Hairbrained, Shay discusses the use of razors on curly hair to get the best results. This curly hair...

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  • Gerard Scarpaci of Hairbrained creates long layers underneath but makes the top more one length. He gives tips and techniques for long hair razor cutting using the Feather Plier Razor. He also gives it a slight A-line shape. Watch this relaxed LIVE as he demos useful razor cutting techniques.

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  • Ever wonder how the Feather Styling Razor came about? This year marks the Feather Styling Razor's 30th Anniversary. It is currently the #1 haircutting razor in the world and the preferred choice for hair professionals. This accomplishment is one to be proud of! If you cut hair you've likely come...

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  • The hottest women's haircut trend for 2021 is the no doubt the shag. In partnership with Marlo Beauty Supply, Russell Mayes (JATAI's Director of Content) shows us how to use Fuji Paper to achieve better color processing results as well as how to create a razored shag haircut using a...

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  • FB Live Replay – Classic Taper Haircut

    Posted on 13 June 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    In this Facebook Live replay, Ivan Zoot demonstrates a classic taper using clipper over comb and razor technique to create the look. He uses the Feather Styling Razor, Artist Club Razors and Nape & Body Razor.

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  • In this Facebook Live replay hosted by Beauty LaunchPad Magazine and Jatai, John Mosley aka Popular Nobody demonstrates shaving techniques for hairdressers and barbers using Feather Artist Club Razors and blades and Nape and Body Razor and blades. On one half of the face he does a full face shave....

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  • Facebook Live Replay – Efficiency, Productivity & Pricing

    Posted on 16 May 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    How efficient and productive are you in your business? Maximizing these two will affect your pricing. All of these are intertwined with each other so listen to Ivan on how to juggle them all. Ivan presents an equation that helps you acknowledge the realities of the progression of your career....

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  • Facebook LIVE Replay – How to Get More Referrals

    Posted on 18 April 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Want more clients? Of course you do! Getting referrals is the marketing side of your business. Without clients you have no business. Here are some great ideas from Ivan Zoot on how to get more client referrals in the replay of this Facebook Live.

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  • Mastering the Consultation

    Posted on 21 March 2019 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Consulting with your clients is the foundation of everything that is to be done to your clients hair for that visit. Getting this part right is critical to successful results. If something is off between what your client actually wants and what you the hair professional perceives what the client...

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