What is the Difference Between the 3 Feather Styling Razor Blades?

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  • What is the Difference Between the 3 Feather Styling Razor Blades?

    Posted on 07 October 2018 // by Vijay Dabhi

    One of the best parts about using Feather Styling Razors is that you can customize your razor cuts with 3 different blades. The Feather Standard Blades are for your everyday razor cutting. The Feather Standard Blades R-Type have 40% more blade exposure for more 'rapid' cuts. And the Texturizing Blades...

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  • Before you can go deep into a haircut you must be able to properly evaluate and prepare your haircut. Laying out a road map is critical to creating the haircut you desire. Without a concrete blueprint, you will end up with a result you didn't plan for. In this video,...

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  • Part 2 – Men’s Modern Razor Haircut – How to Angle a Razor

    Posted on 03 June 2018 // by Vijay Dabhi

    In order to give a razor haircut you first and foremost need to know how to hold and angle a razor in the hair. Knowing how to hold a razor when cutting hair is so important that it has its own video. Erik Lander, British Barber and hairdresser, explains this...

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  • Part 3 – Men’s Modern Razor Haircut -The Fringe

    Posted on 17 June 2018 // by Vijay Dabhi

    In this part 3, Erik goes over the fringe of the haircut. This is an important part of the haircut because it's what people will see the most! The hair in front of your face is what frames and shapes your face so you need to get this part right....

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  • In this part 4 video we move onto the perimeter (sides and back) of the haircut. It's a large part of the haircut so tune in and see how he does it. Erik Lander, British barber and hairdresser, uses a Feather Styling Razor to do this men's modern razor haircut.

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  • The next major section of the haircut is the addressing of the top and crown of the head. Again, using the Feather Styling Razor, Erik Lander shows you how he continues the razor cut. As a British barber and hairdresser, Erik gives you good insight into how this haircut can...

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  • Part 6 – Men’s Modern Razor Haircut – Removing Bulk

    Posted on 29 July 2018 // by Vijay Dabhi

    Now that the major part of the haircut is finished, it's time to remove some of the extra bulk that was not totally addressed in the previous sections. And what better way to remove bulk than to use a razor. Erik Lander, British barber and hairdresser, shows you some of...

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  • Part 7 – Men’s Modern Razor Haircut – Blending Sections

    Posted on 12 August 2018 // by Vijay Dabhi

    When you give a haircut you often give it in sections. Maybe you start with the front and then work your way around the perimeter. But once you've addressed the various sections, it's time to go back and smooth everything out. In this video, Erik Lander, British barber and hair...

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  • Part 8 – Men’s Modern Razor Haircut – When to Change a Blade

    Posted on 26 August 2018 // by Vijay Dabhi

    How do you know when it's time to change your styling razor blade? In this video Erik Lander explains how you know it's time.

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