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Lock and Free Setting

When placed in ‘lock’, the blade is locked in place and does not move. This is great for better control and shaving small, tight places. In ‘free’ mode, the blade moves vertically and horizontally for comfortable shaving. This is best for full face shaving. 

Anti-Slip Grip

Anti-slip grooves along the handle are optimally placed for easy gripping and safe shaving. 


Because the Butler Razor can stand by itself, it makes for an easy way to store your razor as well as display it. It also allows the razor to dry properly after use.

Short Handle, Optimal Weight

The short handle allows you to have more control over your shaves. It’s heavier in weight than most other cartridge razors on the market. The weight allows the razor to do the work. 


Wavy Guard

The wavy guard on each blade reduces pressure on the skin to give a more comfortable shave.

Independent Suspension

Each blade has independent suspension to glide along the surface of the skin.

SiC Ceramic Coating

New coating technology reduces irritation and razor burn. Coating gives increased durability.

At Your Service

Feather Butler Razor

  • Heavier weight, allowing the razor to do the work
  • Short standing handle gives a classy display
  • Set to ‘lock’ to keep cartridge head in place for controlled shaving such as around facial hair
  • Set to ‘free’ to allow the blade to move with angles of the skin
  • Comes with three Feather F3 blades
  • Suspension on each F3 blade to ride smoothly over the skin
  • SiC Ceramic coating technology offers durability and a comfortable shave on F3 blades
  • Reduces irritation and razor burns
  • Compatible with Feather F2 NeoF3 and MR3 Neo blades
  • Bundle includes Butler Razor Handle +  3 F3 Blades
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $69.95 


“I shave my head almost every day so I’ve tried a lot of razors. I mostly shave in the shower so I’m going strictly by feel as my mirror fogs up. The Butler makes it super easy to manipulate the razor and keep in constant head contact at all the angles needed to get a close shave. I’ve not seen a razor that I can set the cutting head to wiggle so it’s easier to keep it in contact with my head, or set to stationary so I can clean around my beard and get a clean line. I thought that was really cool and innovative.”

Russell M.

“First of all, I was super impressed by the packaging when it arrived. Premium Box, and when I took out the handle for the first time, I was shocked by the weight. It was much heavier than I though but as a shorter handle, I could tell why because it allowed for amazing control. I’d never used Feather cartridges before, and all I can say is wow…they cut better than any Gillette blade I’ve used, and that is saying something because I have really thick facial hair, and my neck gets sensitive normally. After 10 shaves using one cartridge, it still cuts well, so I’m thinking I’ll have to buy less of them.”

Derek S.

“There are 3 different things I really like about it. Main thing…the size. With the Butler I’m always choking up on it which gives me more control over my shaves. The second thing is the weight. The thicker heavier handle makes the blade feel more solid on my face. I feel like I’m getting a closer shave. When I went back to my plastic razor it felt flimsy. The third is travel. It fits in my dopp bag so easy. It doesn’t take up a lot of space.”

S. Rickett


F3 Blade

This triple blade cartridge has a wavy guard, independent suspension and SiC ceramic coating on each blade to give the most comfortable shave. Comes in a 4pk or 8pk.

FII Neo Blade

This two blade cartridge is the most economical blade of the FSystem blades. It has sharp edges with thin blades and a one push cleaning feature. Comes in a pack of 10 blades.

MR3 Neo Blade

This triple blade cartridge will give the closest shave. It features a semi-circular guard and metal roller for a safe and comfortable shave. Comes in a pack of 9 blades.

Does the Number of Blades Per Cartridge Matter?

More blades doesn’t mean a better shave. You just need 2 or 3 high quality sharp blades in a cartridge to get a close shave. With quality blades, you will also need less passes. It’s a win-win situation!

Looking for something different? How about this…

Feather F3 Shaving Razor

  • Innovative 3D pivoting head allows the razor to move smoothly over the contour of the face
  • Triple blades to cut more hair in a single pass
  • Wavy guard reduces pressure on the skin
  • Suspension on each blade to ride smoothly over the skin
  • SiC Ceramic coating technology offers durability and a comfortable shave
  • Reduces irritation and razor burns
  •  Compatible with F2 Neo, F3 and MR3 Neo Blades
  • Bundle includes F3 Razor handle + 2 F3 blades
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $14