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Sharp Stainless Steel

Cutting Edges

Japanese stainless steel is some of the best in the world. Pair that will centuries of cutlery techniques passed down through generations and you have some very sharp cutting edges that last a lifetime. 

Compact for Home or

On-the-Go Travel

Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, these kits are small enough to fit in your travel bag, car glove compartment, bathroom drawer or man bag. You never know when you’re going to need to do a little grooming. Luckily, you can take these kits just about anywhere. 

A Variety of Essential

Manicure & Pedicure Tools

From 2 to 9 piece kits, there’s a grooming kit for everyone that includes a variety of tools such as nail clippers, nail nippers, cuticle nippers, tweezers, nostril scissors, nail files and more. Or create your own kit with the Grooming Kit Case.

Handled by Artisans

Every Step of the Way

Japanese artisans hand-finish and inspect each tool to ensure quality control and attention to detail. These kits are not assembly line products. Each kit is handled with love and care. 

The Most Popular

Seki Edge Craftsman Luxury 6-Piece Grooming Kit (SS-3103)

  • Contains 6 high quality essential grooming tools, a luxurious kit for a luxurious man
  • Comes in a synthetic leather carrying case perfect for traveling
  • Includes our top selling toenail and fingernail clippers
  • Other tools included are a stainless steel nail nipper, nostril scissor, nail file and slant tweezer
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $105 

What Buyers are Saying About Seki Edge Grooming Kits…

“I received my 9-Piece Grooming Kit within a few days and was amazed at the craftsmanship and grade of the items. They are truly worth every penny spent! I am now looking at what other items I need and will, without a doubt, order them! Thank you Seki for producing top notch products!!”


“I gave this grooming kit (SS-3101) as a birthday present to my grandson on his 21st. I chose the set with a case as it would keep them safe and him organized. He said it was an unexpected best gift ever and they worked exceptionally well! It is really a nice gift for him to take back to college and have for a long time.”


“This men’s grooming kit (MS-01)  is well constructed, well designed, high precision, and very sharp. If you want the best men’s groom kit on the market this is it period. I have received a men’s grooming kit every Christmas for at least the past 15 years and have purchased a dozen more myself. No men’s grooming kit I have ever used has even come close to the quality of this kit.”


“After looking for a good set of nail clippers for years and throwing out all those useless store bought sets that never stood up to the task I found these. The two sets I got in December went to my college-bound nephew in New Zealand and his parents. They absolutely love them! I’m back for more!”


The Most Luxurious

Takuminowaza Craftsman Luxury 9-Piece Grooming Kit (G-3104)

  • Contains 9 high quality essential grooming tools, our most luxurious kit!
  • Comes in a genuine leather carrying case perfect for traveling
  • A perfect gift for that special man who enjoys the finer things in life
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $110

What Kit is Best for You?

Takuminowaza Craftsman Luxury 9-Piece Grooming Kit (G-3104)Adonis 9-Piece Grooming Kit (AG-500)Adonis 7-Piece Grooming Kit (G-3022)Seki Edge Craftsman Luxury 6-Piece Grooming Kit (SS-3103)Takuminowaza Craftsman Select LX 5-Piece Grooming Kit (G-3114)Takuminowaza Craftsman Select 4-Piece Grooming Kit (G-3112)Seki Edge Men's Premium Grooming Kit (MS-01)Seki Edge Men's Deluxe Grooming Kit (MS-02)Seki Edge Craftsman Luxury 2-Piece Grooming Kit (SS-3101)
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Fingernail Clipper
Toenail Clipper
Nail Nipper
Cuticle Nipper
Cuticle Pusher
Under the Nail Cleaner
Nail File
Nostril Scissor
Ear Pick
Sewing Kit
Multi Fold-Out Tool
Cleaning Brush
Case Closure StyleZipperZipperZipperZipperMagnetic ClaspMagnetic ClaspZipperZipperZipper
Case MaterialLeatherPolyurethanePolyurethaneSynthetic LeatherPolyurethaneSynthetic LeatherSynthetic LeatherSynthetic LeatherSynthetic Leather
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