Choosing the Right Cartridge Shaving Blade for You

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Feather F3 Cartridge Shaving Razor
Feather F3 Cartridge Shaving Razor

If you shave with a cartridge shaving razor you’re probably used to using just one type of cartridge blade that works in your handle because all of the big shaving razor brands generally create handles that use one specific blade. But what if you could choose different cartridge blades for the same handle?

Feather Safety Razor Co. based out of Japan has developed a cartridge shaving razor that can use three different types of cartridge blades. An ingenious idea, Feather developed a line of cartridge razors and blades called ‘F-System.’ There are two razor handles and three different cartridge razor blades in the F-System. Each blade can be used in either of the handles.

Before going any further, it’s important to note that Feather is no newbie to shaving razors. They have been developing razors and blades for decades. And while their main shaving blades are double edge blades (aka safety blades) and straight razor blades, cartridge razor blades are not far off from their expertise. Over the years, Feather blades have developed a reputation of being the sharpest blades around as well as being high quality and having unique innovative tools. Their cartridge razor blades are no exception.

The two F-System razor handles are the F3 Razor and the Butler Razor. Both of them can use the F3, MR3 Neo and FII Neo blades. Let’s discuss each of these blades in more detail so you can see which blade might be right for you.

Feather F3 Cartridge Shaving Razor Blade

F3 Blade:

The F3 Blade is a triple blade cartridge that is meant for reducing irritation and giving a comfortable shave. It has some really unique features in order to achieve this. First off, it features a wavy guard along each blade which reduces pressure on the skin to give a more comfortable shave. Then, each blade has independent suspension to glide along the surface of the skin. And lastly, the blades have an SiC ceramic coating that helps reduce irritation and razor burn. The coating also gives increased durability. The F3 Blades are perfect for anyone who struggles with irritation, razor burn or razor bumps. The F3 Blades come in a 4 or 8 pk.


Feather FII Neo Cartridge Shaving Razor BladeFII Neo Blade:

This blade is the most economical of the three. While it is the most affordable, it doesn’t mean it skimps on function. This cartridge has two thin, sharp blades and a one push cleaning feature. While it may be simpler in terms of features, it still gives a great shave for less. If you’re less worried about irritation and more concerned about costs, the FII Neo Blades are for you. The FII Neo blades come in a pack of 10 blades.


Feather MR3 Cartridge Shaving Razor BladeMR3 Neo Blade:

This triple blade cartridge will give the closest shave. It features a semi-circular guard and metal roller for a safe and comfortable shave. While it is less forgiving than the F3 Blade, it still provides a comfortable shave. However, in order to give a closer shave it may not be as good at reducing irritation like the F3 Blades. The MR3 is the most aggressive of the three blades and comes in a pack of 9 blades. If you’re looking to get the closest shave, the MR3 Blade is for you.


Feather Butler Cartridge Shaving Razor
Feather Butler Cartridge Shaving Razor

You might be asking, does the number of blades per cartridge matter? More blades doesn’t mean a better shave. You just need two to three high quality sharp blades in a cartridge to get a close shave. With quality blades, you will also need less passes. It’s a win-win situation. When you start encountering blades with five or even six blades, these could lead to more irritation because there are more passes to the skin so just be aware of this when deciding what the right cartridge handle and blade is for you.


Whether you are leaning toward the F3, FII Neo or MR3 Neo blades, the best part is that you don’t really have to choose! With the F-System razor handles you can use any of the cartridge shaving blades. Use one or use all three! It’s all up to you. That’s the beauty of F-System razors and blades. You are able to customize and tailor your shaves based on what works best for you.


For more information on the F3 Razor and blades click here. For more information on the Butler Razor and blades click here.

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