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JATAI Scissors

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JATAI Tokyo Scissors by BMAC are the most popular and most affordable quality scissors to mark the start of your successful career.


It’s an artist’s affordable must-have in your tool kit to unleash the ‘you’ styling evolution.  Texturize, remove weight, volumize, layer, shape and add movement — it’s all part of evolving your own signature design statements.


Owning an incredible and affordable pair of JATAI Osaka Scissors by BMAC means never compromising your confidence in daily client creativity, skill, and image.


Through the artists’ eyes, the JATAI Kyoto Scissors by BMAC summon their most refined creative senses.

JATAI Tokyo Scissors

Tokyo is regarded as the most popular city in Japan as well as the most visited. The hustle and bustle cultural hub that attracts visitors from all over the world and houses millions of residents has everything you need all in one place to get a flavor or what Japan is all about. JATAI Tokyo Scissors encompass Tokyo’s well-regarded popularity and versatility.

The Most Popular

JATAI Tokyo Thinning Scissors

  • The most popular and affordable high performance thinning scissors by BMAC
  • 100% hand-crafted
  • Texturize, volumize, layer, remove weight
  • Gives a 30% cut with 29 teeth to texturize hair
  • Each tooth has 3 teeth for added softness
  • VG-10 grade stainless steel
  • Top-grade metal straight handle and convex blade
  • Tension knob
  • Two detachable finger rests
  • 6 inches
  • Made in Japan
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PRICE: $375

What the PROs are Saying About JATAI Scissors

“I’ve been using my JATAI Tokyo Thinning Scissors for about 6 weeks now, and find them replacing other scissors as my new favorite. The Tokyo Thinning Scissor removes the perfect amount of hair and weight from each cut and is pretty much seamless (meaning that it doesn’t leave scissor marks when you cut a section). I like that it has a tang on each ring of the scissor so I can cut with the straight blade on the top or underneath of each section that I’m cutting. They feel great in the hand and cut with a smooth motion, some thinners can feel ratchety when cutting. I think I’m going to buy a second pair so when I need to send them off for sharpening, I won’t be without them!”


JATAI Osaka Scissors

What can be said about Osaka? While not as popular as Tokyo, it is still the second largest city in Japan. Osaka has strong traditional values and rich culture with a slightly more relaxed and care-free vibe that permeates the city and the people. The strong traditional values can best be observed in their attention to detail in their food. JATAI Osaka Scissors exemplify the traditional scissor look with a rich feel and handling. It’s the small nuances of this scissor that make handling it so comfortable and easy to use.

The Most Traditional

JATAI Osaka Scissors

  • Traditional, high quality, high performance scissors by BMAC
  • 100% hand-crafted
  • VG-10 grade stainless steel
  • Semi offset handle and convex blade
  • Molded handle for ultimate comfort
  • Single molded tang (not removable)
  • Flat contact point
  • Comes in 2 sizes. 5.5” and 6.5”
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $475-$575

JATAI Kyoto Scissors

If you were to visit Kyoto you would be mesmerized by its spirituality, its delicate and refined nature and cultural charm. To experience Kyoto is to experience true artistic expression. Refined artists can appreciate how the JATAI Kyoto Scissors can heighten their creativity and tune into their artistic senses just a little deeper.

The Most Refined

JATAI Kyoto Scissors

  • The most refined high-performance scissors for true artistic expression by BMAC
  • 100% hand-crafted
  • VG-10 grade high carbon steel
  • Semi offset handle
  • Detachable finger rest
  • Tension knob
  • Available only in 6.0”
  • Made in Japan
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Price: $675

Choose Your Scissor

JATAI Tokyo ScissorsJATAI Tokyo Thinning ScissorsJATAI Osaka ScissorsJATAI Kyoto Scissors
Model NumberJ-155, J-160J-125TJ-355, J-365J-560
Size5.5", 6.0"6"5.5", 6.5"6.0"
MaterialVG-10 Grade Stainless SteelVG-10 Grade Stainless SteelVG-10 Grade Stainless SteelVG-10 Grade High Carbon Steel
Weight3.8 oz. 3.8 oz.4.1 oz.3.8 oz.
PivotScrew and postTension KnobFlat Contact PointTension Knob
Blade TypeConvexConvexConvexConvex
Offset Handles
Country of OriginJapanJapanJapanJapan
Cost$360, $380$375$475, $575$675

Some Extra Details


Regarding JATAI Scissors by BMAC, there is a 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship. If you feel your scissors need repair during the warranty period, please contact us.

Scissor Sharpening

Infinity Scissor Service has a long history of professional scissor sharpening. As our authorized scissor sharpener, they do masterful work sharpening them to perfection.