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Heat Shield

As a hairdresser, you are constantly using curling irons, flat irons, wands and blow dryers. These hot tools can burn you and leave you in pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, the gloves that are often included with these hot hair tools are inadequate and don't protect your fingers like they should. They are often in the form of gloves which can be restrictive on the hands. That's why Heat Shield was created.

Heat Shields prevent painful burn injuries from hot appliances and act as a bandage to protect prior cuts or burns. They are latex-free, heat, water and cut resistant. They stretch and stay snug all day and they are machine washable. The finger tips are sewn for added protection. Heat Shields are worn on the thumb and index finger on the opposite hand holding the tool. When sectioning hair with flat irons, use thumb shield on the index finger and the index shield on the middle finger. Heat Shields can be interchangeable. Properly sanitize after use. They can be washed multiple times without losing elasticity.

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