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Feather Kaiden Shears


The most advanced, replacement blade shears. Designed and engineered so you never have to sharpen, it keeps cutting like new for life!


Seki Edge Smart Tweeze


Seki Edge brings you revolutionary tweezers that is completely redefines tweezing! Light in weight and to the touch, you have to try it to believe it!

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Fuji Paper



Total saturation and neutralization when doing perms. Each paper is pre-folded which saves you time and money. No more waste and hassle of picking up each paper individually.


Introducing NEW Heat Shields!



Message from the President

Welcome to the world of Jatai International!

For the past 60 years, Jatai has brought the finest razors, shears and innovative beauty and grooming tools in their categories to salon professionals. We are extremely proud of our heritage of product excellence, customer service, and our industry leadership in our categories.

Our customers are among the most discriminating stylists and nail artists in the world. Many are among our industry's most respected educators in their categories. In the months to come, you will meet a number of them here on our new website where they will share their knowledge and expertise with you in our educational video series.

Our educators selected Jatai for the many benefits our products offer of course, but they all share the same mindset about Jatai product's ergonomic and structural excellence… their ability to hold an edge, their convenience, and the balance and feel of the instrument in their hands. All Jatai's cutting tools are all designed to work and feel like a natural extension of an artist's mind, hand, and eye.

As you read more about Jatai and our products throughout the new website, if you have any questions, I hope you will email or call me. We truly value your interest, inquiry, comment, and criticism, and will do whatever it takes to provide you with the best products, service, support, and training in the industry.


Dean Wada



Top Sellers

Feather Standard Blades (10pk)

SKU: F1-20-100
Price: $11.25

Feather Nape Blades (10pk)

SKU: F1-30-300
Price: $11.25

Feather Plier Razor Blades (20pk)

SKU: F1-30-100
Price: $15.00

Blade Glide (8oz.)

SKU: F1-51-110
Price: $9.95

Du-Boa High Tech Brush

SKU: DU-100
Price: $16.25

Feather Bonus Value Pack (30pk)

SKU: F1-20-130
Price: $31.95

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