What Makes Clients Fall in Love with a Hairstylist or Barber

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Not all hair professionals are equal. Some are all about the trendiest styles, some only do color, some focus on short haircuts while others specialize in updos. There are a variety of hairstylists and barbers that provide unique and fun experiences and then others that do your basic run of the mill styles. Whatever the case may be, there are certain characteristics that make clients fall in love with their hair professional that they come back repeatedly. What is this secret sauce? It’s not a secret at all but people often forget to pay attention to certain qualities that can make them go from good to great. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are 7 reasons clients fall in love with their stylist or barber.

What Makes Clients Fall in Love with our Hairstylist or Barber - Technical Ability1) TECHNICAL ABILITY

The first and most obvious quality of a great hair professional is their technical ability. They have a thorough understanding of haircutting techniques, the tools of the trade and the science behind haircare. A great stylist or barber can cut hair with precision, symmetry and consistency producing a hairstyle that is both stylish and functional. They should also be proficient in a variety of cutting techniques using scissors, razors and clippers in order to cater to a wide range of clients. They should know how to use color properly and haircare product to achieve the best styling results.

Technical ability can be seen through photos and video. Having great technical ability can be seen in the shape of the hair, the clean lines (or no lines), the symmetry of the haircut, the precision of the cutting and color of the hair (if color is involved).


While technical ability is more of a systematic skill, creativity is a human imagination skill. This is unique to every individual which makes creativity so fun and interpretive. It’s important for a stylist or barber to have creativity in this profession because they need to have an eye for style and the ability to translate the customer’s vision into a practical and stylish haircut. They should be able to draw inspiration from current fashion trends, classic hairstyles and their own imagination to create unique and personalized haircuts for each customer. This creative flair sets a great haircutter from a merely competent one, as it allows them to create haircuts that are not only functional but also stylish and memorable.

Creativity is one of the most attractive qualities that initially captures a client. It’s what they see on Instagram or TikTok. It’s the way the images were captured that leave potential clients wanting it themselves. The way the hair is styled, the lighting and angles all express creativity and it makes the haircut more attractive.


Being able to communicate is underrated. Communication is the cornerstone of any human transaction. In this case, a barber or stylist should be able to listen and understand the needs and desires of their clients. The consultation, which is the initial conversation between the professional and the client to determine what is to be done, is crucial to the overall success of the cut. They should be able to ask the right questions, offer advice and recommendations. Ultimately, the haircutter should be able to repeat back to the client exactly what they want and have a clear idea of what is expected. They should also be personable and be able to ease their clients and make them feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. Having good communication skills takes practice but it’s essential to all aspects of the experience with each client.

Good communication skills also extend to the way hair professionals communicate with their colleagues (other barbers and stylists) as well as management. They should be able to work as part of a team if necessary. Communication also translates into social media, appointment apps and other forms of technology. Providing clear information on websites, appointment apps about services, location, pricing and other relevant info is all part of the communication process.

What Makes Clients Fall in Love with our Hairstylist or Barber - Professionalism4) PROFESSIONALISM

Being professional is a desirable quality of anyone. This means wearing clean and professional attire and maintaining a well-groomed appearance. However, some hair professionals tend to just wear whatever they want and can get away with it because of their status in the industry. Perhaps part of their popularity is due to their appearance and how they put themselves together. But many places of work have an expectation that you dress a certain way in their facility. Also, maintaining a professional attitude, treating customers with respect and courtesy, providing a welcoming and relaxing environment are all important. Using sanitary tools, keeping the chair and the space around it clean, adhering to health and safety regulations are all areas that clients pay attention to. Professionalism also revolves around being punctual with your appointments and not making the next client wait too long.


Anyone that truly cares about their work will care about the details. When it comes to hair, details are very important. Is the haircut finished to the highest standards? Are the tiniest details addressed? Did they shave the neck on a short haircut? Small details can make a big difference in the quality of the overall haircut. If the hair is styled or cut in a way that complements their facial features and the hairs are all in place, this is a good sign. Paying attention to the details mean there is true love for the work and the desire to do their best.


Many people don’t really think about adaptability, but it is an important quality that hairstylists and barbers should have to stay relevant. Being able to work with a variety of hair types and textures is a skill. And being able to adapt to the changing needs and preferences of their clients while trying new techniques and styles to stay current are all a part of being adaptable. Without growth, there is only stagnation so getting advanced education and constantly learning in the profession of hair is critical to ongoing success.

What Makes Clients Fall in Love with our Hairstylist or Barber - Customer Service7) CUSTOMER SERVICE

To fall in love with a hairstylist or barber is to fall in love with their customer service. This goes hand in hand with communication skills. Customer service makes the client feel valued, appreciated and comfortable. Clients want to feel good about getting a service and a lot of that has to do with customer service. Being considerate of people’s time, giving them a refreshment while they wait and treating then with respect are all ways to provide customer service and comradery with clients. During the booking process is it easy and seamless? If making an appointment is difficult, it already puts a bad taste in the client’s mouth. Think about the customer journey and where clients can be made to feel heard and respected.

Technical ability, creativity, communication skills, professionalism, attention to detail, adaptability and customer service are key areas that any hairstylist or barber should work on throughout their career to be their best. When hair pros encompass these qualities, clients are likely to stay, return and fall in love.



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