The Evolution of the Feather Plier Razor

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The Feather Plier Razor has quickly become the industry standard for bare blade razor cutting. You’ve probably seen it used by your favorite

The Evolution of the Feather Plier Razor - Feather Styling Razor

stylists on Insta or you’ve attended classes with the instructor using one. The Feather Plier Razor is the ultimate haircutting razor and the most dangerous.

Prior to the 1990’s most hair professionals did not use a haircutting razor. They primarily used scissors. Although there were some hairstylists that used a bare blade razor, many stylists were scared to use one in fear they would cut themselves and their clients. It was unfortunate because a razor could add so much more depth to their haircutting abilities. But in 1992, Feather and JATAI created a razor would forever change the way hairstylists looked at razor cutting. The Feather Styling Razor was born. A handle that uses guarded replaceable blades was a historical game changer in the industry. Now stylists could razor cut without cutting themselves or their clients.

Since its inception, the Feather Styling Razor has quickly become the most popular and well-known haircutting razor on the market. Stylists have been able to be more creative, create new looks and experiment with the Styling Razor to further their craft. And with the ability to use 3 different blades in the handle, this further tailored to the needs of the stylist.

But this article is about the Feather Plier Razor, isn’t it? Yes, we’re getting there…

The Feather Styling Razor has been a great introductory razor for stylists. Many will stick with the Feather Styling Razor for the rest of their career. They are perfectly fine with the guarded blade and don’t see any issue with the guard. But for some, the guard gets in the way, and they want more freedom.

The Evolution of the Feather Plier Razor for HaircuttingIf it wasn’t for social media, the Plier Razor might not have gained the popularity it has gained. For stylists, it’s fun to show video using the razor to cut hair and it’s satisfying to watch. It’s also  eye catching to see the before and after results when using a Plier correctly. It’s a unique skillset that stylists want to show off because not everyone can use one. It takes practice and patience and generally a lot of

money if you want to learn from the best. In fact, we see more social content around the Plier than the Styling Razor for this very reason. And while this is a valuable and admirable skillset, any stylist who uses a Feather Plier Razor will get cut. Sometimes those cuts can get nasty, but that’s the price you pay for using a bare blade razor.

It’s interesting to see razor haircutting come full circle. From a time when razor cutting was frowned upon because it was dangerous to a time where it’s highly inspirational and desirable to razor cut with a bare blade. In fact, more and more razor cutting classes using a bare blade are popping up. Why is this change happening?

First off, razor cutting is minimally taught in beauty school. Razor cutting is considered an advanced skill so if you want to get good at it, you’ll have to get additional training. Using a bare blade razor is considered a specialized skill. Stylists pay a lot of money to learn this skill and in turn can charge a lot more for their services because they can create looks that have more depth which cannot be created with scissors alone. So you see more razor cutting classes because there is a demand but also there are more stylists who know how to razor cut with a bare blade razor.

Secondly, the hair industry is expanding and growing. Stylists are getting better faster. They are curious and hungry to be the best at their craft which means learning to use more tools, becoming exposed to new and better products, and learning from the best in the industry.

Thirdly, there are many stylists who want to ‘graduate’ from the guarded blade and move up to the unguarded blade. By doing so, this gives ultimate freedom in razor haircutting. Sometimes the guard can get in the way. If there is too much guard, it can create drag. So they are willing to take the risk of cutting themselves in order to eliminate the guard.

The Evolution of the Feather Plier Razor - Plier BladesStylists are becoming braver. They are not as afraid at trying new things. But in an industry that has grown over the years, they need to stand out. Standing out could mean specializing in a certain type of haircut or being known for something specific such as specializing in razor cutting or updos. There are more niches than ever these days.

Razor cutting with a bare blade is a growing industry. And what better way to do bare blade haircutting than with a Feather Plier Razor.  Made in Japan, the slim French razor profile and folding handle makes this razor difficult to compete with. The Feather Plier Razor uses extremely sharp blades. In fact, there is no better blade than the Feather Plier Blade for razor cutting. They are consistent, high quality and long lasting.

The Feather Plier Razor is a tool you must take seriously, or it will seriously take you. Give it respect and it will respect you back. But with proper care and attention you can minimize injury. And with proper technique you can create a masterpiece and some of the most beautiful haircuts you’ve ever seen. The bare blade razor has come full circle. If you’re ready to take your razor cutting to the next level, start with the best tool, the Feather Plier Razor.


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