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It’s that time of year again! Black Friday and Cyber Week Sales are happening soon. For great deals on your favorite JATAI products, find out what they are by reading below…

JATAI has always been known for offering the highest quality beauty and grooming tools for hair professionals and consumers made in Japan. With brands like Feather, Seki Edge, Fuji Paper, Ikemoto and JATAI branded products, there are a variety of useful products you will love and many say they can’t live without!


Black Friday Deals

If you’re looking for some great Black Friday deals don’t look any further than JATAI.net where you can get up to 40% off of all razor handles. This includes hair cutting and shaving razor handles such as Feather Styling Razors, the Plier Razor, Artist Club Razors, Nape and Body Razor, double edge razors and cartridge razors. This deal is unheard of but it’s happening in just a few days!

Feather Styling Razors are the premier haircutting razor of choice for hairstylists and barbers. With a guarded blade and ergonomic handle, the Styling Razor celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! Such a momentous feat. The blades are replaceable, so you always have a sharp blade. Plus, you can choose up to 3 different blade styles to meet your haircutting needs. Choose from a variety of handle colors such as red, silver and black. There is also a short handle version that comes in other colors.

If you’re an advanced razor cutter or just looking to up your razor cutting game, the Feather Plier is the way to go. With an unguarded blade, the Feather Plier Razor is loved and used by many stylists who want the freedom of razor cutting without a guard. Of course, it is more dangerous to use because it takes a bare blade. However, the Feather Plier allows you to be the most creative with your haircut styles. Haircutting razors provide the ability to create different looks and styles than scissors just can’t. You can check out the Plier Razor here.

Feather Artist Club Razors are high quality professional shaving razors that give the closest shave and smoothest skin. There are several models ranging from the SS to SR to DX. All Feather Artist Club Razor handles can use any of the five Artist Club Blades to tailor your shaving needs. Barbers cherish this razor for their full face shaves and lineups. The weight, balance and sleek look of Artist Club Razors make these shaving razors a sweet addition to any shaving routine.

Lastly, the Feather Nape and Body Razor is a small handle razor that uses a short, guarded blade made for shaving small, tight areas like the nape, sideburns, eyebrows and bikini areas. Hairstylists can use this razor to shave because the blades feature a guard. It’s a great razor for stylists who do short haircuts and want to keep the neckline clean and crisp.

When it comes to consumer facing products, Feather Double Edge Razors are the top of the line. The Wood handle or all stainless steel handle razors are a beauty. They have a nice weight which allows the razor to do the work. To see all Feather Double Edge Razors click here.

There are also cartridge razors such as the Feather F3 and Butler. Each of these razors can use either the F3, F2 or MR3 blade. These razors are unique in their handling and performance and primarily cater to sensitive skin.

You can also get 35% off all Seki Edge Grooming Kits during JATAI’s Black Friday sale. Seki Edge has a variety of kits from a 2-piece to a 9-piece kit each housed in a compact, made-for-travel carrying case. If you want something simple, the Seki Edge Craftsman Luxury 2-Piece Grooming Kit is a great choice. Featuring our top nail clippers, your nails will always be nice and trimmed. If you’re more detailed about your grooming, the 9-piece will surely impress. All of your nail grooming needs will be addressed with this one.

JATAI’s Black Friday sales are available from November 11th through the 27th, 2022.


Cyber Week Deals

JATAI also has amazing Cyber Week sales from November 28th through December 5th, 2022. During this time you can get 30% off all Feather Blades. Also, when you buy 2 Seki Edge products you get one free (equal or lesser value).

Need to refill your Feather Blades? Choose from Styling Razor Blades, Plier Blades, Artist Club Blades, Nape Blades, double edge blades or cartridge blades. There are three different Styling Razor Blades (Standard, R-Type and Texturizing). Each type of blade works best in different situations and each pack contains 10 blades. The most versatile blade is the Standard Blades. It’s great for all razor haircutting, especially for beginners. Look for the orange packaging.

The R-Type Blades have 40% more blade exposure than the Standard Blades for rapid cuts. With less guard you can cut hair faster and cut off more hair in one swipe. This one is best used by razor haircutters who are more experienced with a razor and want to cut quicker with less drag.

The Texturizing Blades have a different guard pattern made to cut 25% less hair than the Standard Blades. This blade is good to use on clients with fine hair or thin hair but you still want to give texture.

The Plier Blades are the only blade that can be used in the Plier Razor. It is an extremely sharp bare blade that fits snug in the Plier Razor. For the most artistic and elite razor haircutter, the Plier Blades are no joke when it comes to sharpness. You must know what you are doing to use these so use with caution. If you can master the Plier, the results are mind blowingly beautiful. The Plier Blades come with 20 blades per pack.

There are 5 Feather Artist Club Blades: Professional, ProGuard, Super, Light and SoftGuard. Each blade is designed for different situations and different types of hair and skin types. After all, we are not made equally. The most versatile blade is the Professional Blade. You can’t go wrong with this blade. If you want more safety, opt for the ProGuard Blades which have a built-in guard. You are less likely to cut yourself or your client when using this blade. This is a popular blade for those new to straight razor shaving or who want that extra safety.

The Super Blade is for super hair. This means thick, heavy, coarse facial hair. That’s right, it’s the blade that can easily tackle the thickest of facial hair in one swipe. With the greatest blade exposure, this blade has super powers that none of the other blades have.

The Light Blades, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. They give the least blade exposure. When would you use this blade? It’s good for sensitive skin or thin, fine hair. This could be good for shaving women or shaving fuzz. It is a gentle blade for gentle skin.

And the fifth and newest Artist Club Blade is the SoftGuard Blades which are a hybrid of the Light Blades and the ProGuard Blades. With little blade exposure, it also features a built-in guard on the blades. This one would be for similar use as the Light Blades but with extra safety.

The Nape Blades are used in the Feather Nape and Body Razor. The Nape Blades are small blades with a built-in guard. This blade is small so it can get into smaller areas that the larger razors have a more difficult time addressing. The Nape Blades only fit in the Nape and Body Razor. Some hairstylists have gotten creative with the razor and are even using it to cut hair!

The Feather Double Edge Blades are tried and true blades. Sharp and made of stainless steel, these blades are the sharpest double edge blades around. Just go ask any shaving forum. There are various pack sizes so pick from a 5pk, 10pk, 20pk, 100pk sleeve or 200pk sleeve. Double edge blades are a great way to help do your part to be environmentally friendly as well as save money.

But if you just can’t get away from cartridge razors, the F3, F2 and MR3 cartridge blades are a great alternative. The F3 blade, in particular, has a triple blade with a built-in wavy guard on each blade to reduce razor burn and bumps. The independent suspension of each blade allows the blade to gently go over the skin without force and the SiC ceramic coating allows for smooth passes. If you’re prone to sensitive skin, razor bumps or burns, this blade is definitely for you!

During Cyber Week you can also save with Seki Edge. When you buy 2 Seki Edge products you can get 1 free for equal or lesser value. This includes grooming kits! Perhaps get some of your favorite nail clippers or grooming kits to give as gifts or stock up on some needed tweezers or make-up scissors. The choice is yours.

Take advantage of these amazing deals during Black Friday and Cyber Week. You won’t see these deals anywhere else or anytime else soon so stop by JATAI.net. We can’t wait to get this party started!


JATAI provides innovative and professional quality beauty implements with world-class customer service and educational support. To offer great products as a master distributor, we seek out and select only manufacturers who demonstrate superior workmanship, the most advanced technology, and respected business core values of reliability, honesty and integrity. Accordingly, JATAI represents three major ‘workhorse’ brands that dominate within their categories. Feather, Seki Edge and Fuji Paper. JATAI Academy brings beauty tools to creative life. It’s the ultimate professional information resource where Education, Artistry and Trends CONNECT for Stylists and Barbers.

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