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When you think of JATAI, the first thought that comes to mind is ‘razors and blades.’ Yes, we are most notably known for our razors. But we do carry a number of other fantastic, high-quality items. Many of them made in Japan, our products are curated from quality companies that produce products with utmost care and attention. Aside from Feather, Seki Edge is one of our best lines which caters to the everyday person looking for quality personal care tools. Fuji Paper is also a great Japanese company specializing in strong, absorbent end papers for perms and permanent hair texture. Lastly, Ikemoto manufactures some of the best hair brushes in Japan. Their brushes are produced under Ikemoto or sub-brand Du-Boa. This year we brought in 5 new brushes with unique benefits. Let’s go over these new brushes and why you’ll want one (or more) to add to your brush collection.


Du-Boa Aging Scalp Hair Brush with Boar HairDu-Boa Aging Scalp Brush with Boar Hair

This brush is beautifully designed and made in Japan. It has a combination of nylon and boar bristles which is nice for an aging scalp. The purpose of the boar bristles is to create more glossy, voluminous hair and to glide through the hair for less breakage during styling. The nylon bristles gently massage the scalp and distribute the natural oils back into the scalp. The anti-static elastic ring helps prevent static. The handle is durable and solid. If you want a brush that will be gentle to the scalp but adds shine and volume, this is a good choice.


Du-Boa Anti-Static Aging Scalp Brush

The Du-Boa Anti-Static Aging Scalp Brush is also great for an aging scalp. As we get older the scalp ages 12x faster than our body skin so it needs a different kind of attention. The scalp looses elasticity and hair follicles become less active leading to hair thinning over time. With shrinking oil glands and drier hair, it’s important to address the needs of the aging scalp. With soft nylon bristles it gently massages and stimulates the scalp. It features a combination of short and long bristles as well as soft and slightly firmer bristles for various effects. The soft brown outer bristles are gentle to the scalp and hair while the clear firmer bristles ensure smooth brushing of the hair. The short round tip bristles are good for styling and increasing volume whereas the long round tip bristles help clean pores and massages the scalp.  The result is soft, smooth hair without tugging or pulling on hair. This brush is made in Japan.


Du-Boa Anti-Static Styling Brush

This is no ordinary styling brush. It contains some unique properties for easy styling. The bristles contain olive squalene oil to protect the skin and maintain scalp moisture. It also contains silicone for smooth brushing. On the side of the brush is a stainless steel fiber strip (Nasron) that removes static while brushing. It is well balanced from end to end. The durable pink handle is easy to hold and maneuver. If you want to style, maintain scalp moisture and reduce static, this brush is a good choice. Made in Japan.


Ikemoto Scalp and Hair Seduction BrushIkemoto Hair and Scalp Seduction Brush

Seduce your scalp and hair with this irresistible brush! The Ikemoto Hair and Scalp Seduction Brush is a fan favorite in Japan and it’s easy to understand why. The bristles massage and stimulate the scalp for an invigorating experience. And they soften and smooth out fine, coarse, straight and even curly hair. It easily removes tangles with ease and without pain. Around the bristles is an anti-static elastic ring to help keep away pesky static. If you’re looking for an all around great brush this one is it! Made in Japan, it can resist heat up to 176 degrees F. It comes in 2 colors, blue and red.


Ikemoto Tsubaki Oil Cushion Brush

Unlock the Japanese secret to perfect hair. Tsubaki oil, also known as camellia oil, has been used by Japanese women for centuries. Geishas love this oil for its moisture retaining abilities for the skin and hair. Tsubaki oil is similar to the natural oils our skin produces. By retaining these oils in the skin, this helps protect against UV damage and promotes skin elasticity while moisturizing hand hydrating the scalp. It delivers phytonutrients to the scalp and leaves hair shiny and beautiful. The Ikemoto Tsubaki Oil Cushion Brush is perfect for before and after shampooing and a great size for travel. Made in Japan.

These new brushes are not your typical brushes. Their unique features and properties make them ideal for various hair and scalp types. High quality with intentional designs, you’ll love these brushes if you’re looking for a solution to aging scalps, thinning hair, dry hair, improving volume and reducing static. Check them out here to learn more.


JATAI provides innovative and professional quality beauty implements with world-class customer service and educational support. To offer great products as a master distributor, we seek out and select only manufacturers who demonstrate superior workmanship, the most advanced technology, and respected business core values of reliability, honesty and integrity. Accordingly, JATAI represents three major ‘workhorse’ brands that dominate within their categories. Feather, Seki Edge and Fuji Paper. JATAI Academy brings beauty tools to creative life. It’s the ultimate professional information resource where Education, Artistry and Trends CONNECT for Stylists and Barbers.

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