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Proper Pricing Means Healthy RevenueYour haircut price is your single most important business decision.”

                                    –Ivan Zoot, Author, The Professional Haircutter’s Pricing Playbook

How much should I charge for my haircuts? When should I raise my haircut price? How do I raise my haircut price? These questions and many more gnaw at the head and heart of every haircutter! No category of questions is asked of me more often. No decision paralyzes haircut professionals more than these seemingly huge and pivotal pricing issues.

The good news is that these decisions can be easy to make. The better news is that these decisions, when made, are based on data and math. Relief should come in knowing that when the emotion is removed from the decision-making process, and when best practices based on statistics, tracking and analysis are employed, then pricing and financial decisions become logical, easy and fun! Bottom line, you can make decisions with confidence and clarity. And you can make these decisions in a timely manner to maximize your income and productivity.

Pricing PlaybookYour haircut price is your single most important decision! The trajectory of your entire cutting career tracks upward from your initial pricing decision. Start cutting at too low a price and you’ll spend years, maybe decades, trying to catch up! Start out too high, and you’ll add unnecessary years to your client-building efforts. Time is money. The time you save by setting your haircut price properly from the start will add up to years of healthy productivity – and thousands of additional dollars sooner and with less effort. Proper pricing will allow you to live better and retire earlier …  and vastly richer than you otherwise might have!

The Professional Haircutter's Pricing PlaybookKnowing when and how to raise your haircut price is a decision second only to the setting of your initial haircut price. Once you know and understand the basic economic principles at play in haircut price increases, you can plug in and play these principles for the balance of your career. Human nature does not change much over an individual lifetime. Economic principles remain constant across all industries, cultures, and environments. Powerful decision-making tools, once learned and implemented, will reap huge rewards throughout your career.

My new book, The Professional Haircutter’s Pricing Playbook, sets out to provide the support needed for those important business decisions. In the book, I provide actionable answers to all your haircut pricing questions. The book’s unique working format lets you plug-and-play your pricing numbers, creating custom data and planning that is specific to your unique business. It’s like having your own personal coaching session every time you pick up the book!

Get your copy of the new Professional Haircutter’s Pricing Playbook online at ivanzoot.com

or amazon.com.  You may also be interested in viewing some of my other educational videos here.  Just Select “Ivan Zoot” in the –Select Educator– filter box 😊

Ivan Zoot

Barber, Cosmetologist, Personal Trainer, Educator

Ivan Zoot is a licensed barber, licensed cosmetologist, and certified personal fitness trainer. With over 30 years of presentation experience as a trainer, coach, mentor, and educator, Ivan is dedicated to helping salons and barbershop pros build and grow their business. He is widely known and respected for sharing the effective solutions to his question, “Are you ready to become a $100,000 haircutter?” He does this by sharing technical cutting, business building, and career success education at trade shows, events, in books, on video, and at schools and salons. Ivan is the President and CEO of Zootcuts, Inc., and founder of the Zootcuts Family Hair Center in Chicago, a popular community haircut destination delivering over 300 haircuts daily. He is the author of eleven books including the ClipperGuy Says series, Be a $100,000 Haircutter, 100X100, 100 New Haircut Clients in 100 Days, and The Professional Haircutter’s Pricing Playbook. Ivan proudly holds three Guinness World Haircutting Records; World’s Fastest Haircut, Most Haircuts in One Hour, and Most Haircuts in 24 Hours (1998, 2008). The inventor holds patents for unique beauty tools and haircutting techniques and systems, and is also the creator of the Clipper Guy hair care product line, licensed to John Amico Professional Hair Care. Contact:  ivanzoot@yahoo.com; www.ivanzoot.com; @ivanzoot.

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