How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger: Use an Eyelash Curler

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When we look at someone’s face, many times the first thing we notice is the eyes. They can express sincerity, joy, unhappiness, anger and tiredness. But the eyes also exhibit beauty. In western cultures it is desirable for women to have the appearance of large eyes.

A huge part of making eyes look larger can be attributed to how eyelashes make eyes appear more open, wider and brighter. It’s no wonder many women look to find ways to learn how to lengthen and curl their eyelashes to encourage this look.

Luckily, whether your natural eyes appear smaller or larger, there are several ways to get long eyelashes to make them look bigger. False eyelashes or lash extensions are two popular ways lengthen and thicken lashes. However, eyelash extensions require a makeup artist to apply them and require regular maintenance.

The false eyelash route is much more affordable but they must be applied carefully to ensure proper fit. If the glue gets undone, they can easily fall off. They also can look unnatural if the fake eyelashes don’t look real.

For a lower maintenance route, using your natural lashes is the way to go. Curling your eyelashes can still make your eyes look larger. But there are some tips to doing so.


Let’s take a deeper look. Here’s how to make your eyes look bigger using your natural eyelashes…

First, find the best eyelash curler. Starting with the right tools can make all the difference.

Second, you will need to know how to curl your eyelashes properly to get the most curl out of the lashes as possible.

Third, you need a good mascara that will emphasize your lashes.

Fourth, use a lash comb for separating lashes and removing mascara clumps.


So what is the best eyelash curler?

Spot Eyelash Curler for the outer corners of your eyesThe best eyelash curler is one that makes your eyes look wider, brighter and longer. It shouldn’t hurt you, pull your eyelash hairs, or crush them. If your eyelash curler does, keep in mind this may be related to your technique.

The eyelash curler should have a wide opening and should be easy to maneuver. And it should be easy to clean and easy to replace pads when needed.

The curler pad should be gentle to the eyelash and leave a natural looking curl. If you want to heat your eyelash curler with a blowdryer, it is best to use a metal eyelash curler or a heat resistant plastic one. Be careful to not heat it for too long as this may burn you. Heating your eyelash curl can lead to a better, longer lasting curl.

A spot eyelash curler may be useful for addressing spots on the eyelashes that get missed in the initial curling. This is like a touchup curler for the outer corners of your eyes and should be used after the main eyelash curler is use.


Next, you will need to learn how to curl your eyelashes correctly.

How to curl your eyelashesTo curl, gently position the eyelash curler so that the eyelash fits in the window of the curler. Be sure to not put the eyelash curler too close to the lash line or the base of your lashes as you might end up pinching your skin.

Carefully, squeeze the curler for a few seconds to mold the eyelash. Release the curler and repeat as necessary. Be sure the curler is completely open before removing the curler. You can even turn the eyelash curler upside down to curl the bottom lashes if they are long enough.

It’s a good idea to replace the eyelash curler pads every 2-3 months to keep bacteria from accumulating and keep your eyelash curler functioning at it’s best. To clean the lash curler, use makeup remover or rubbing alcohol to remove the debris from the curler.

Do NOT curl your eyelashes after you’ve applied mascara. This can lead to sticking of the eyelash to the curler which can pull your eyelashes out.

When using mascara, look down while looking in the mirror and stroke the brush upwards with the tip of the brush. After you apply your first coat, let it dry. Then apply a second coat if necessary.

If you have clumping…

Using a lash comb to remove macara clumpsYou may want to invest in an eyelash comb for separating lashes and removing excess mascara. This also allows your lashes to look more natural and for opening up your eyes even more.

Do not use a pin as this can be very dangerous. A lash pin comb is specifically designed to separate your lashes when your regular mascara brush can’t. Keep eyelashes clump free!

Lastly, makeup removal is important. If you sleep with mascara on, your eyelashes will get smashed in the pillow and ruin the curl. Also, the mascara can rub off on the pillow and create dark circles around the eye area. The process of curling and applying mascara is something that should be done every morning when putting on makeup.

Curling your eyelashes is not difficult or complicated to learn. However, understanding some of the finer details can make your eyelashes look their best and help them to stand out even more. It’s all an illusion and by having the best eyelash curler, using the proper techniques, a great mascara, and utilizing a lash pin comb can make all the difference.


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