Hair Teasing Comb for Teasing, Detangling, Updos and Balayage

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The JATAI hair teasing comb is a versatile tool that has many functions. If you do teasing, backcombing, detangling, create updos, do balayage and color melting, watch this video on how to use this ONE tool to do all of these. This is a professional teasing comb but really anyone can use it for teasing and detangling at home. Watch the hair teasing comb tutorial here or follow along with the transcript.


JATAI Balayage and Hair Teasing Comb Tutorial:


Welcome back to the Jatai Academy! Today we’re going to be covering how to properly tease hair with the Jatai Teasing Pin Comb PRO. Let’s get started.


Using the Comb for Balayage

Hair teasing comb for balayageSo the first thing I want to cover is how to tease for a balayage. Now when I’m teasing for a balayage I’m not looking for control or a compaction of teasing to build volume. I’m just looking to tease some of the hair out of the way so that my section is not so thick and it diffuses my color line.

So that’s what makes it easy to have a seamless color going from dark to lighter on the ends is by teasing and getting some of that hair out of the way.

So I’ll plant one finger on the bottom, two fingers on top, roll that out of the way. I’ll take the Teasing Pin Comb Pro put in all the way through and then just gently and easily push this up to the scalp.

First section all the way to the scalp. Next section may be not quite so far up. Third section maybe not quite so far up. Fourth section not quite so far up.

So I’m not packing it all the way into the root. I’m packing it only enough to get it out of the way so that when I start to paint my color on, it’s close as it’s closer to the scalp as I need and it’s also going to give me less hair to deal with down here.

So when I put my bleach on it, I put my foil in and let it process that it doesn’t get in the way of my color but also since I didn’t pack it in it makes it easy for me to go through comb the teasing out after I shampoo the color out. Then I have a nice easy seamless process.


Using it as a Hair Teasing Comb

Best hair teasing combNow to go through and create some teasing for volume it’s a different approach. You know I have to really compact some hair to make sure that it gives me some structure and some resilience to make the hair stack up so that it forces the hair at the root to stick up so that that gives me my volume.

So now we’re going to go through and I’m going to put one finger on one side of the section, two fingers on the other side and I want to make sure I got that really tight.

I’m going to over direct a little bit so that I can tease on base. We’ll put my comb in however far I think I need to push down and I’m going to start to see how much of that texture in the hair is starting to compact.

I’m going to go a couple of inches out all the way down to the scalp. So as I’m pushing down I’m pulling up. I’m going to pull the comb out. Again, all the way down to the scalp. Pull it out, comb everything back together tight.

Now I can tell how compacted that is and that’s already giving me quite a bit of volume through there. So from there if I want to just comb it and brush it and have that sticking up I could have a nice little puff right there in the front.

Turn the teeth away, smooth that out, push. There we’ve got a nice little puff.


Creating the Updo

hair teasing comb for curly hair - updoBut we’re going to go through and do an up style and make something kind of big so I can control the hair as I’m styling it up, not just creating volume.

I’m going to take a little bit underneath that at a little triangle section. Where I started my teasing on the first section which was about right there, I’m going to start my teasing on this second section.

Again, everything straight down to the scalp. If I did three teases on the first, I’m gonna do three teases on the next one. Pin that up out of the way. Comb everything together.

Alright, after I’ve got everything kind of smoothed in I got one piece I’m going to do a little bit of teasing there just to help it stick together. Comb that up.

Take a hairpin put that right across however far out from the scalp I think I need to do. The further from the scalp, the bigger the curl is going to be.

Now I’m going to grab this hair pull it out of the way, turn my pin upside down and pin it right to the base where I had my teasing. I’m going to hold that. I’m going to take another pin with a little ski tip pointing down, hold where my other bobby pin was, slide that right across it.

Come on baby come on. Tell me if this hurts okay. Slide that right through so I’m going to interlock my pin so that stays.

Now this little piece here I’m just going to tuck to hide out of the way. Alright so I got my first you know kind of little curl there. I’m going to take another little piece here.


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comb to tease hair - compactionI have my little triangular section. So now I’m going to split that in half. I’m gonna start on the side and do the same sort of compacting teasing all the way to the scalp. Add a little more all the way to the scalp. Pull the comb out every time. Get that hair out of the way.

Comb the section together where I started the teasing. Comb all the way to the scalp. Come on baby, every time. And now we’re going to do a little bit of back combing as I walk the section out.

So as I walk the section out that allows that hair to clump together a little bit better so it doesn’t want to separate. Take my pin put it in, pull this hair underneath.

Take the pin flip over, pin to the base. Hold that with your other finger. Take your other pin slide directly across that and make sure that you crisscross so that you have a nice secure base.

This little piece here that’s sticking out I’m just going to take a smaller bobby pin. Put it in twist. Hide that in, that little curl. Take my next little triangular section get that compacted in.

After I got the compaction I’ll do a little bit of teasing as I go out towards the middle. Comb that together. Make sure that’s looking good, put my pin in, twist underneath and then hold it. Another little section. Whoa.


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Now as I work into the side, you know, I need to cover up some of this little area here and I’m going to start dragging this and I need more control over the ends not just control for the root.

So the initial compaction gives me a nice little bit of control at the root. It gives me something to pin into, right. But it doesn’t give me control over the section.

So what I’ll do is after I do my compact teasing I’ll pull that in the direction I want it to go and I’m going to start to very gently compact my teasing all the way to the tip and you can see there how that whole piece now wants to stick together a lot easier than me having everything kind of fall apart.

So the teasing does a couple of different things. It creates the compaction at the root to give me something to pin into. But it also gives me a little bit of stiction when I start to comb the section out.

So now when I take my pin and put it in, I can go through start to pin that in and now I have a nice whole little panel of hair that wants to stick together as opposed to everything just wanting to just fly apart.

And it’s just that little bit of teasing as I’m walking the section in the direction that I want it to go. So this is a larger section. So what I’ll do is I’ll do my compaction in sections.

Once I get a good base there I’ll take my next little piece where I started the combing where I started the teasing towards the scalp that’s where I’ll continue all of my teasing as I start to walk this section back.

After I get my compaction, smooth that out a little bit get everything kind of going in the direction that I want and then gently walk that back combing out to kind of panel that whole section of hair together smooth on the surface.

hair teasing comb updo - styling with rattail endA little bit of spray. Smooth there. The rat tail helps smooth everything down. Find out where I want that to go which I’m thinking about right there. So let’s go through, take here, twist, pin that underneath. And now this piece I don’t even need to pin I can just tuck that under that little panel.

And now we’ve come to our last piece. We’re going to work this over and see what we can get out of this. I think I want to do something kinda big and bold maybe. I don’t know we’ll see.

But the first thing I need to do is pack me a little bit of base in there so I can control it. I’ll do three little teases. I’ll add to that where I started the teasing, compact to the root. My last piece compact to the root.

Now comb everything together where I started the teasing that way I don’t comb out the teasing that I put in it. I’ve just uniformed the section to make it all one piece and then I’ll start doing light little under combs from the back just to help compress this piece together so that it all starts to form one piece together as opposed to wanting to fall and separate.

A little pin, twist under, slide that into the root teasing from the previous section. I’ll take this piece here kind of worm it back a little bit, think where I want that to go.

Here is another little pin, twist, slide that through, bury that in just to try to help that piece mold and flow into the rest. Now here I’ll start to separate and start molding.

So the teasing that I put in this at the root gives me the structure and then the root teasing as I start to compress that out starts to give me a little bit more moldability and ability to control it.

A little bit of hairspray. Oh! right in my face!

So after I’ve gone through and done that I got my little hair pins in to help mold the shape so I don’t have to keep it real compressed and then I’ll put layers of hairspray on it just to help it set in and hold.

I think she looks pretty good. She’s ready for a night out on the town to go to Olive Garden maybe even maybe even Red Lobster. Oh my goodness! Let’s give us a review on our teasing techniques.



First for color, for a balayage specifically, we want to do a long stroke tease but not compacted in real tight. All we’re looking to do is remove density.

So the Teasing Pin Comb really helps get me a nice even tease all the way from the tips into the root without compacting it in real tight so it’s easier to remove after we rinse the color out. It also diffuses that line by packing in my teasing and makes it much more seamless.

Now if I want to do some styling, you know that 60s kind of bouffant, you know fembot sort of thing where I want the hair flowy, I want to compact my teasing in really tight at the root at the crown so that I get that hairstyle sticking up off the scalp.

So I will start by using the hair tease comb, teasing from two or three inches away from the scalp all the way compacted down to the scalp every time three or four or five times depending upon the thickness and the texture of the hair.

After I’ve got everything teased in I can comb and brush all the hair together as long as I don’t comb it from where I started my teasing. That way all the hair can flow and I still have my teasing compacted in at the scalp.

If I want to do for up styling, I want to compact it into the scalp just like I did for my styling but then I can also feather that teasing out through the ends and give me much more control.

So the teasing at the scalp gives me a structure of the shape that I can start pinning into. Teasing hair through the tips makes that whole panel much more structured and easier to mold and control so it will stay in.

So what makes the hair stay is not the hairspray it’s the teasing and the pinning that makes it stay so with the Teasing Pin Comb Pro I can really compact to them nice and tight.

So check out the Jatai Academy! There’s all kinds of great information on there to make you a better hair stylist or barber. Also let us know what you’d like to see in the future and thank you so much for watching.


Final Look using the Jatai Hair Teasing Comb

hair teasing comb to tease hair final look


Here’s the final look after all the teasing and upstyling. There are many different tease combs but the JATAI Teasing Pin Comb PRO has a unique pin structure that allows you to easily tease quickly and efficiently. It’s also designed to detangle that tease as well. If you’ve ever had teased hair, knowing how to comb out teased hair can be a second battle that is frustrating and difficult to deal with.

This is the best teasing comb for thick hair and a good teasing comb for fine hair as well. But it’s the best teasing comb for volume, detangling, backcombing, balayage and color melting.


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